Master of Fine Arts in Studio
MA Fine Arts in Studio
MA Fine Arts in Studio Program
MA Fine Arts in Studio Graduate Program
MA Fine Arts in Studio Graduate Degree Program

SAIC's highly acclaimed Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Studio is a 60-credit program that supports creative work, inquiry, and investigation across 12 different departments as part of the advanced preparation of fine arts practitioners. Students have the distinct advantage of gaining in-depth knowledge and competence in a single field of specialization or acquiring advanced competencies across multiple fields of study.

We encourage our MFA Studio students to move beyond their home departments and work with faculty and peers in any area that supports their graduate work and research. Graduate studios for MFA students are spread across campus in clusters that allow for robust interdisciplinary exchange.

Here is a list of departments that participate in the MFA program:

Graduate-level courses and topical seminars support individual studio work by exposing students to the larger dialogues around the production, exhibition, and function of art as well as its expanded cultural production and reception. Students design a personalized curriculum by choosing from a wide variety of seminars, courses, and graduate advisors linked to numerous studio, design, and academic departments. Graduate critiques, central to the MFA experience, alternate between discipline-specific panels in the fall semester and interdisciplinary panels in the spring semester.

The purpose of the graduate studio program is to prepare students to enter into their chosen fields of practice or to pursue their unique professional pathways as independent artists or cultural practitioners. It is a rigorous and demanding degree in ways that often exceed the boundaries of the studio. As important as demonstrating perfection of technical skills, articulate communication, and conceptual acuity is a student's ability to demonstrate insight, independence, and a generosity of spirit.

Each of the studio departments at SAIC has a distinct, but porous, culture. Our extraordinary faculty and facilities are at the core of the MFA Studio program, but the exceptionally talented student body drawn from national and international contexts is what makes graduate study at SAIC unparalleled.

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