Betelhem Makonnen

Photo by Moyo Oyelola

​​Betelhem Makonnen (MFA 2019)

Notable Awards Received: Tito's Prize 2020; Austin Critics Table Award 2018, Best Gallery Exhibition, yo soy aqui / i am here; New Artist Society Merit Scholarship 2016, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Nyugen E. Smith

Nyugen E. Smith (MFA 2016)

Notable Awards Received: 2020 Dr. Doris Derby Award (Dashboard); 2019 Visual Artist of the Year, Jersey City Arts Council; 2018 Joan Mitchell Painters and Sculptors Grant; 2018 Franklin Furnace Award; 2016 Leonore Annenberg Fellowship for the Performing and Visual Arts. 

Guadalupe Rosales (MFA 2016)

Isadore Bethel

Alison Kudlow

Assal Priya Gheysari