We are Chicago

SAIC is an urban campus in a diverse city, and our lives as students and faculty are woven with the lives of the neighborhoods around us. As artists and designers, we collaborate with communities to solve local problems, beautify the city, and help make Chicago a place where everyone can thrive. 

An image of Nick Cave in his studio.

Photo by Jim Prinz.

Art Connects Us

We Are Citizen Artists

We don’t live in an art bubble. We make work as members of our society, and by making we can reshape our world. To be a citizen artist is to engage beyond campus and reimagine art as a force for change.

1st panel image


A Safe Skate Space for All

Using an SAIC student grant, Lid Madrid (BFA 2021) created OnWord Skate Collective to carve out a non white male–dominated skate scene for anyone with wheels and the will to ride.

Painting the City Red, Yellow, Purple…

The Chicago Public Art Group works with artists and designers to uplift neglected city spaces with painted murals. Over the years, SAIC’s students, faculty, and alums have been part of the community effort.

An image of a few small, wooden models on a windowsill.

An image from Echo: A Site-specific Installation and Architecture Exhibition.