Caring for the Whole You

Whether you’re finding your way as a first-year or preparing for a thesis show, how you're feeling is going to affect your creative energy and focus. That's why SAIC works with you to care for both your physical and emotional health. In fact, our holistic approach to student wellbeing has earned the school an Active Minds Healthy Campus Award. 

Total Care for Body and Mind

    The Wellness Center

    The Wellness Center provides empathic and compassionate support and care. You'll find the counseling and health services here, along with the Disability and Learning Resource Center, whose staff supports and empowers students who need accommodations. Exhibitions in the Wellness Center Gallery showcase the work of artists and voices from the SAIC community.

    Sign hangs on wall reading “Wellness Center”.

    Health Services

    The Wellness Center is equipped to handle basic injuries and illnesses and can help you find appropriate off-campus care when necessary. A team of board-certified nurse practitioners also actively focus on promoting healthy habits throughout the SAIC community.

    A group of students congregating on the grass in front of the 280 building

    Counseling Services

    Staffed by licensed and supervised mental health professionals, the center provides counseling and psychotherapy, crisis intervention, care management, and mental health awareness.

    Art Therapy and Counseling Programs

    Disability and Learning Resource Center

    Every member of the SAIC community should be able to access everything they need to make the work they want to make and succeed academically. You'll find innovative services here, along with help arranging accommodations.

    Quentin Yang (MFA 2020), a moment., 2020, colored pencils on paper, watercolor

    Wellness Events

    The Wellness Center sponsors campus events to keep you calm when things get tough: massages, guided meditation sessions, and Destress Week, when you'll find therapy dogs, breakfast served at dinnertime, and other comforts.

    A clay sculpture.
    A person in a metal works studio.

    Photo by Grace DuVal

    Art School Safety

    Food, chemicals, biomatter ... There's no limit to the types of materials your creative process might call for. At SAIC, you'll learn how to safely use and dispose of the materials you chose.

    Interior shot of students gathered around the lounge outside CAPX offices.

    24/7 Student Support

    What happens if you hit a rough patch? You'll have help. Whatever the problem—from food insecurity to support for first-gen students—we'll help you find resources on campus or around town.