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Graduate Studies

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SAIC offers graduate pathways in studio, design, and academic fields, along with post-baccalaureate certificates and a Low-Residency MFA. 

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In Person, Online, or Around the World


Take a tour of our campus, have a one-on-one portfolio review, meet with an admissions counselor, or watch information sessions from the comfort of home. 

Four Things You Should Know

    Making Begins & Ends with Meaning

    What do you want to say? How will you say it? From the art you produce to the scholarship you create, we help you ask the right questions to advance your practice.

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    We Cross Disciplines

    You can focus on one medium, but at SAIC you have the freedom to explore across departments as you identify how you want to make meaningful work, and to engage in interdisciplinary collaboration with peers and faculty to advance your research.

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    SAIC community members take in Beesworks, an exhibition of student Olya Salimova's work. Photo: Verónica Rosas. Image courtesy of SITE Galleries

    Rigorous Critique Is Key

    SAIC emphasizes critique as a way to develop a critical eye, gain confidence, and better understand your practice. You'll have opportunities to participate in several crit sessions, culminating in Critique Week, where interdisciplinary panels assess student work.

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    Creative Kinship Is Your Future

    SAIC offers intimate settings for building connections with students from around the world that spark new insights and perspectives. You'll bond with artists, writers, and curators, and become part of a legacy of alums who’ve formed fruitful collaborations.

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    Graduate Scholarships & Aid

    Paying for Your Education

    Explore the range of financial aid options available at SAIC, including merit scholarships, grants, and employment opportunities.

    Field Trip: Grad Students visit Japan for the 2019 Setouchi Triennale

    “It was so rewarding to be able to experiment, create work, and collaborate with other brilliant and talented grad students in Japan. It allowed me to be pushed out of my comfort zone, and I’m thankful for the experience I was able to have.” – Billie Carter-Rankin

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    Image: Japan Guide

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    Graduate Viewbook