Chicago skyline from Millenium park

Chicago: Our Home & Campus

Chicago's Creative Capital

Chicago is a global cultural center that’s full of opportunity. It’s also a diverse city of neighborhoods and strong communities, a welcoming place where creativity thrives. We feed Chicago’s creative energy, and the city feeds ours. SAIC alums settle here to make work, open galleries and studios, and power Chicago’s creative industries. We are Chicago: Complex, diverse, open, and engaged with the world. 

Building Community

Chicago is a community-centric city, and SAIC shares its ethos of mutual support. Meet Vincent Uribe (BA and BFA 2013), who inherited a gallery as a student and now runs it as a place to bring people together.

“A part of the reason I do the work that I do is to give back to Chicago for providing the place and support to discover who I am as a leader. Promoting and connecting people in Chicago is integral to my mission of community building.”

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A student stands in front of a room next to a large blue and white art piece shaped like a milk carton while other students listen.
Core Value: Meaning & Making are Inseparable

SAIC at Homan Square

SAIC at Homan Square is a community of dedicated North Lawndale residents and artists in the historic Chicago neighborhood of Homan Square. Hand in hand with the community, our purpose is to identify issues, promote public discourse, and catalyze social change within specific institutions, neighborhoods, and other public contexts.

Hidden SAIC

When people think of Chicago’s cultural landscape, they often conjure the stone steps of the Art Institute museum or the grand stage of the Lyric Opera. But there are countless places dotting the 230 square miles that make up the city, and faculty and alums have been the engine behind many of these cultural hubs. From apartment galleries to creative incubators to neighborhood art centers and everything in between, students have a lot to draw inspiration from. 

"Chicago is an interesting laboratory for cultural production," - Assistant Professor Kamau Patton