​​Ashley Addair (MFA 2023)

Practices: Painting, wearables, installation, and dance.

Abby Bill (MFA 2023)

Practices: Watercolor painting, colored pencil.

Monica Brady-Barnard (MFA 2022)

Practices: Dance, movement meditation, witchcraft, and time travel. Site-specific work, land art, and connectivity.

Sarah Bricke (MFA 2023)

Sarah Practices: Installation, assemblage, performative lecture, poetry, feminist theory, and queer theory.

Katherine Clarke Langlands (MFA 2023)

Practices: Painting, sculpture, abstraction, installation, murals, public art, paper paintings, and creating color themes. Snowboarding, drawing, record bracelet creator, recycled object art, textile designs, improv. dance, and sociology.

Elizabeth Denneau (MFA 2023)

Practices: Sculpture, printmaking, textile/fiber arts, and mixed media.

Yemaya Diethelm (MFA 2023)

Practices: Painting and drawing. 

Michael Anthony Garcia (MFA 2022)

Practices: Performance, video, and writing. Sculpture and installation.

Bianca Gabrielle Goyette (MFA 2023)

Practices: Sound, photography, experimental filmmaking, laser cutting, design, and installation. Writing and technology.

John Gueltzau (MFA 2023)

Practices: Ceramics. Secondary Interest: Photography.

Kathryn Hempel (MFA 2022)

Practices: Painting, drawing, text art, collage, textiles, and filmmaking. Design, sculpture, storytelling, and photography.

Theresa Henson (MFA 2023)

Practices: Sculpture. Poetry. 

Jeannie Hua (MFA 2023)

Practices: Collage, oil, acrylic, pastel, and graphite. Video, photography, and performance.

Aidyn Mills (MFA 2022)

Practices: Writing, voice, movement, and video.

Akwi Nji (MFA 2023)

Practices: Interdisciplinary arts.

Andrew Orloski (MFA 2022)

Practices: Sculpture, mold making, and casting techniques. Secondary Interest: Shift in materiality, balance, monumentality, the banal and mundane, and the language found in between the ephemeral and permanent.

Mina Pjetrov (MFA 2022)

Practices: Painting and canvas warping. Drawing.

Keith Rodgerson (MFA 2022)

Practices: Curation, sound sculpture and performance, sculpture and performance, sound. Can-based aesthetics, corridic theory, geyseric culture, marginalia, masculinity culture, parabolic theory, pareidolic aesthetics.

Sahar Sepahdari-Dalai (MFA 2022)

Practices: MFA, video, performance, installation, and new media. Sound art and textile art.

Victoria Smits (MFA 2023)

Practices: Sculpture, textile, video, ceramics, installation. Poetry, spoken word.

Stefania Urist (MFA 2022)

Practices: Sculpture.

Disclaimer: All work represents the views of the individual authors and artists who created them, and are not those of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago or The Art Institute of Chicago museum.