Art & Technology / Sound Practices 

Art & Technology / Sound Practices (AT/SP) is a place to explore artistic production with technology, sound, or their unlimited hybrid forms through focused study and interdisciplinary exploration. It integrates two visionary SAIC departments: the Department of Art & Technology Studies and the Sound Department, each with more than 50 years of radical artistic and pedagogic exploration.

AT/SP offers a large, diverse, and ever-changing range of courses designed to provide students with an immersive, thorough, and critically engaged course of study from a global perspective. Its curriculum integrates skills-based learning with conceptual investigation and critical interrogation to prepare students to be creative and productive cultural citizens.

Art and Technology Studies


Each semester, AT/SP offers more than 35 courses and seminars open to undergraduate and graduate students, providing in-depth instruction on a wide range of technologies, approaches, concepts, and production strategies. A small sample of recent course offerings includes Interactive Art and Creative Coding, Analog Synthesis, BioArt Studio, Programming Sound with MAX/MSP, Blockchain - The New Internet, Suspended Language, Wearables and Soft Computing, Acoustic Ecology and Phonography, Robotics, Sound Now - Improvisation, Experimental Game Lab, Noise, Virtual Sound, Digital Light Projections, and Olfactory Art.

Three people working together in a lab space with multiple screens.


The AT/SP faculty bring a depth of knowledge and a commitment to respectful and inclusive learning to their teaching. They create learning environments that combine rigorous research, playful experimentation, open dialogue, collaborative engagement, and individual mentoring. The faculty come from a rich and diverse range of backgrounds and intellectual positions, and they draw on their extensive experience with many technologies, concepts, histories, and theories to build meaningful courses for their students. 

Facilities & Resources

The Department of Art & Technology / Sound Practices gives students access to cutting-edge labs and studios housing a wide range of technologies and recording equipment, such as virtual reality and augmented reality labs, vintage and contemporary analog synthesizers and signal processors, 3D printers and desktop milling machines, advanced software and user interfaces, and more.

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Associate Professor and Department Chair

Judd Morrissey

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Associate Professor and Sound Graduate Coordinator

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