Undergraduate Student Budget

2021-22 Undergraduate Student Estimated Budget

Tuition per credit hour for Summer 2021 $1,740
Tuition per credit hour for Fall/Spring 2021–22 $1,740

Instructions for calculating an estimate of a student's 2021–22 Cost of Attendance (COA): These estimated figures reflect 2021-22 tuition and fee expenses for a student attending the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 academic year. The following figures are provided as average estimated costs, are provided based on the SAIC student population, and may differ from your actual estimated costs for:

  • room and board (off-campus)
  • transportation
  • personal expenses  

Students should adjust the provided average estimated costs figures to reflect their actual individualized costs such as the room and board estimate if living in the Residence Halls or the transportation cost if traveling distances that are more costly than the average figure provided.  Note: Except for tuition and mandatory fees, these are estimated averages that you should adjust to your own specific budget. Please keep in mind that tuition and expense estimates will likely increase each academic year.

Special note to international students: This amount plus health insurance is the amount you must enter on the financial aid statement and show proof of support of the Fall 2021–Spring 2022 year (except MFA Low Residency—please see cost and notes below). SAIC cannot issue an I-20 form until a Statement of Financial Support form and support documentation is submitted for review and approved. USCIS regulations require international students to be enrolled full-time in order to maintain their F-1 immigration status. See Maintaining Legal F-1 Status for further details.

  Estimates by Academic Year Estimates By Semester
Fall/Spring 2021-22 30 Credit Hours 15 Credit Hours 12  Credit Hours 9  Credit Hours 6  Credit Hours
Tuition $52,200 $26,100 $20,880 $15,660 $10,440
Technology Fee $650 $325 $325 $325 $325
(plus one-time $5 Ventra card fee)
$310 $155 $155 0 0
Estimated Living Expenses
Room Allowance (off campus) $6,300 $3,150 $3,150 $3,150 $3,150
Board Allowance $3,600 $1,800 $1,800 $1,800 $1,800
Books and Supplies $1,790 $895 $715 $535 $360
Personal Expenses $1,380 $690 $550 $415 $275
Transportation $620 $310 $215 $125 $30
Health Insurance
(if needed or required)**
$2,540 $1,270 $1,270 $1,270 $1,270
Laptop Requirement Estimate***
Only for New Undergraduates and New AIADO Students
$2,400 $2,400 $2,400 $2,400 $2,400
(laptop and health insurance estimate not included)
$66,850 $33,425 $27,790 $22,010 $16,380

*U-Pass—Full-Time Status Required—The 2020-21 rate is provided, and is subject to change.

**Health Insurance Requirement—The 21-22 rate is provided, and is subject to change.

Mandatory Health Insurance Coverage—SAIC Health Insurance coverage is mandatory for all full-time domestic undergraduate, graduate, exchange, and certificate students and all international students and is charged automatically to the student’s tuition and fees account each fall and spring semester.

Waiving SAIC’s Health Insurance—If, however, students have comparable health insurance coverage with another provider, they may submit a request to waive SAIC's Health Insurance annually (online only) no later than the first day of classes. Health Insurance waiver requests are reviewed for approval. Complete details on the waiver process, please go to the SFS Health Insurance webpage.

For more information about the health insurance requirement and eligibility to be approved for a waiver, please refer to the Health Services section of the website.

***Laptop Requirement (New Students Only)
New undergraduate and new AIADO students are required to have a SAIC approved laptop estimated at approximately $2,400. Further information is available at saic.edu/laptop.