Budget Worksheet

Instructions and Information

Use these electronic Figure Your Costs budgeting worksheets to calculate your direct and indirect costs. Direct costs are costs for which you will be billed by SAIC directly on the student's tuition and fees account. Indirect costs are costs for which you will need to budget, but will not be charged by SAIC.

You will need to choose from four possible living expense budgets to calculate your indirect costs. You may need to customize these indirect costs to meet your specific expected costs which may differ from the provided averages.

  • On-Campus (New Student)
  • On-Campus (Continuing Student)
  • Off-Campus
  • At Home (with parents, or family, etc)

You should use the worksheet to determine your remaining costs after all available resources (scholarships, grants, loans, work-study and student, parent and/or other contributions) have been included. Use Adobe Acrobat to open PDF files and activate the calculation function.

Upon completing the budgeting worksheet, you should be able to determine if your current resources will:

  1. Provide enough funding to cover both your direct and indirect costs for the academic year. For financial aid students, this would include getting a refund after all direct costs on the student account are paid so that you may use the additional funds to cover your indirect costs.
  2. Not provide enough funding to cover your direct, or indirect expenses or both. If your current resources are not enough to cover your cost of attendance, you should seek additional funding resources.

For financial aid students, additional funding resources are most likely Federal Direct PLUS or private education loans if you have no other funding resources. These loans are available to financially credit-worthy borrowers. The amount for which you may be eligible is listed on your financial aid award letter and is based on the number of credit hours and an average off-campus student budget. Please note if the student is living on-campus, your eligibility could vary based on your residence hall charges. If you need assistance determining your eligibility for additional loans, please contact an SFS Advisor.

Payment in full or payment arrangements are due the 15th before each semester. Students may opt to pay their remaining balance after any financial aid resources, by enrolling in SAIC's deferred tuition payment plan for that term. More information on payment plans can be found here.

Indirect Costs Note

Average estimated figures provided are for 15 credits per semester.

Please note that the indirect costs provided on the budgeting worksheets are estimated for an average 15 credit hour semester. You should use the worksheets in coordination with the Undergraduate Student Budget or Graduate Student Budget figures provided on the SAIC website. These budgets will provide average estimates for indirect costs that you may wish to use for calculations other than 15 credit hours.




Our advisors are happy to assist you throughout the financial aid and payment process. Please feel free to visit the Student Financial Services office, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Appointments are available upon request if you are planning a visit to SAIC. Call 312.629.6600 to make an appointment.