General Access Computer Labs

The General Access (GA) Computer Lab acts as the general computing facility for the SAIC community. Users have access to Apple Mac Pro and iMac workstations equipped with the SAIC instructional software template. The template includes current versions of software for digital imaging and video, desktop publishing, 3D rendering, website authoring, animation, multimedia, graphic, and audio applications.

The GA Lab is also equipped with flatbed, negative, and slide scanners, CD/DVD burners, and digital video editing stations. All workstations provide Internet connectivity via SAIC’s high-speed network. There are also dedicated stations where laptop users can connect to flatbed scanners, widescreen LCD monitors, and the SAIC network. Printing is available to black-and-white and color laser printers, as well as medium-format inkjet printers.

The GA Lab has 24-hour access during the fall and spring semesters.