Sustainable Design

Where is Where

SAIC students are enormously concerned with the state of the environment. Many students have chosen to design curricular pathways that allow a broad exploration of issues related to the study of resource conservation, environmental activism, and ecological principles.

The Sculpture department houses a laboratory called the SAIC Knowledge Lab (K-Lab). This is a place where students and faculty collaborate around the topics and processes of knowledge, innovation, and research. They collectively identify important subjects, such as energy, waste, or urban agriculture; undertake in-depth research; and formulate collaborative projects aimed at the production of new knowledge, which can make a meaningful contribution to understanding these issues.

The study of Sustainability spans many other departments across the school as well. See the listings below, and consult your advisor for courses that pertain specifically to Sustainability. Please note that the following list is in alphabetical order by department. Scroll down to view the entire listing of interdisciplinary offerings, which may fulfill either elective or required degree credits.