Illinois State Grant—Monetary Award Program (MAP Grant)

Monetary Award Program (MAP) Grants are awarded to Illinois residents attending colleges and universities in Illinois. The award is restricted to tuition and mandatory fees. Eligibility: Students who are Illinois residents attending colleges and universities in Illinois are eligible to apply for the MAP Grant by submitting an FAFSA form each year by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) announced deadline date.  Award Amount: Award amounts are determined based upon available state funding as determined by the Illinois General Assembly and date the annual FAFSA is submitted each year.

A recipient may receive the equivalent of 135 semester credit hours of MAP benefits paid which will allow most students to have sufficient MAP coverage to complete a baccalaureate degree. The 135 credit hour model converts to approximately 4½ years of full-time study and will help the student who needs to enroll beyond four years  A recipient may use no more than 75 MAP paid credit hours while enrolled at the freshman or sophomore level. For each credit hour of MAP benefits paid on behalf of the recipient, the recipient will be assessed one MAP Paid Credit Hour toward his or her maximum usage. Payment will be made according to the number of credit hours enrolled by applying a fraction, according to the student's credit hours claimed with a maximum of 15 and a minimum of 3, to each student's calculated term award amount.

Residency Requirements

All recipients of the Monetary Award Program (MAP) grant must be residents of the State of Illinois as defined by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. Student (and parents if dependent) must reside in Illinois for the relevant 12 continuous, full months prior to the beginning of the school's academic year.

Further details are available in the MAP section in the Students & Parents area of the Illinois Student Assistance Commission website.