Outside Scholarships

In addition to any federal, state, or internal scholarships from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), we suggest that students explore outside scholarships as an additional source of funding for their education well in advance of the term for which the funding is desired. Outside scholarship payment and relevant criteria should be sent directly to the Student Financial Services office.


We recommend beginning the process as early as 12–14 months in advance of the term for which the funding is desired. Start by asking questions and researching organizations students and their parents belong to and professional, religious, and community affiliations they may have to inquire about scholarship availability.

Below are some suggested websites that offer online scholarship searches based on profile information provided by the student:





Sallie Mae



Scholarship Search Page


CareerOneStop - U.S. Department of Labor's FREE scholarship search tool

affordablecollegesonline.org - An extensive list of graduate school scholarships for LGBTQ students, MBA students, students with disabilities, veterans and women, as well as information on other ways to garner additional financial aid for graduate school.  

Follow the Student Financial Services Facebook and Twitter pages to see listings of different outside scholarships as they are shared with SAIC throughout the year. 

Outside scholarship details provided are made available only for informational purposes and are not endorsed by SAIC or the SAIC Student Financial Services office.

SAIC staff members have researched the list of outside scholarships below for scholarship information for which you may qualify. This information was gathered by conducting a scholarship search through one or more of the online scholarship searches pages, as well as information received by SAIC from organizations offering scholarships. It is not limited to organizations through which SAIC students have received funding.

International Studnets Funding Resources


Students receiving grants, scholarships, or awards from a source other than SAIC must notify the Student Financial Services office of these awards.

The notification to SAIC should include:

- name of the organization sending the funds,

- name and telephone number of the contact person at the organization

- dollar amount the student will receive

Students should inform the organization sending the funds to SAIC that their name and student ID number should appear on all correspondence related to the scholarship, grant, or award. 

To avoid a delay in processing, please send information and/or payments to the Student Financial Services office and NOT to the Bursar's Office. 

Payments and correspondence should be sent to:

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Student Financial Services
36 S. Wabash Ave., suite 1200
Chicago, IL 60603 


SAIC is required by law to consider these awards as a part of the student's financial aid package. It may be necessary for SAIC to adjust the award package to meet federal, state, and institutional awarding policies. Scholarship letters that provide detailed information will allow the amount to be listed as "Anticipated Aid" on the student's bills and statements. This will decrease the amount due (if any) to SAIC before classes start. Please note that generally, gift aid (traditionally grants, scholarships and any other aid that does not have to be repaid) may not exceed tuition each semester.