Summer and Winter Terms

Students who would like a financial aid estimate including merit scholarships for summer and winter terms must complete a SAIC application and an annual FAFSA for federal financial aid (if eligible).

On Campus Classes Only

Complete the online On-Campus Institutional Financial Aid Application (for Summer and Winter terms) that is available on our Forms and Guides website.

Study Trip Classes (with or without on-campus classes)

Complete the online Study Trip Pre-Registration application at Self-Service. This will be used to provide a financial aid estimate for each trip.

The following types of financial aid are available for those who are eligible:

  • SAIC Merit Scholarships
  • SAIC Grants
  • Federal Pell Grants and Federal Stafford/PLUS Loans *
  • Travel Scholarships for Study Trips (see Study Abroad/Off-Campus: SAIC Scholarships)
  • Private Education Loans (see Loan Steps)

*Half-time enrollment for federal loans and FAFSA required at

Upon awarding financial aid eligibility, students are sent by mail initial awards for on-campus classes and email for study trips. Students can view their financial aid in Self-Service account. Financial aid award updates to awards are sent by email to the student’s SAIC email address.