Student uses computer in room

Computer Resources and Information Technologies (CRIT) acts to coordinate computer resources and information for administrative, academic, and student users within the SAIC community. CRIT addresses academic support needs for the institution, and ensures access to a wide range of technical support, documentation, equipment and services.

Students, faculty and staff may utilize a variety of computing media equipment: to create or document their work, teach in and utilize computer-based classrooms and labs, and utilize a comprehensive body of computing resources, equipment and services.

CRIT provides the SAIC community with support services: on-site computing technicians, purchasing coordination and project support, training, instructional information and documentation, departmental-use copy machines, faculty laptops and software access, departmental and general access computer labs and support, black and white and color printers, a full-service color printing Service Bureau, and many other services.

In addition to purchasing, coordinating and distributing software for School-wide use, CRIT also develops in-house applications, point-of-sales systems, and communication tools.