Manage Your Student Account

Self-Service and Transact

Access your student account online by logging into Self-Service to do the following:

  • Your Student Account and Financial Aid - View your student account (and financial aid, if applicable).
  • Statement of Account - Request a statement of your account by clicking on Financial Account, then click on Statement of Accounts. This will send a PDF statement of the last 365 days to your SAIC email.
  • Your Tasks - View your tasks of outstanding financial items you need to submit or complete. (if applicable)
  • Holds – View account holds for enrollment and services.
  • Student Employment Work Authorizations - Approve Student Employment Work Authorization if you have been offered student employment and access past Work Authorizations for previous jobs. Click on Other Services, then click Student Work Authorizations.
  • Student Employment Earning Reports - Run Earnings Reports to see your total earnings to date for your student employment or per semester. Click on Other Services Non-Mobile, then click Earning Reports.

To access Transact click on Financial Account, then click Transact.

  • Online Payments - Make an online wire payment, credit card, or ACH (electronic check) payment.
  • Payment Plans – Enroll in the current semester’s payment plan.
  • Auto Pay - Set up auto payment for your payment plan (optional).
  • Online Statements - Access your electronic bills every month in Transact. Parents and authorized payers can also access electronic bills.
  • 1098Ts - 1098-T forms are available online to eligible students. Please visit for further information.
  • Direct Deposit Refunds - Enroll in direct deposit refunds.
  • Authorized Payers - Designate parents/guardians as authorized payers so that they may also access your Transact page.

Setting up a Payer in Transact

  1. Log into Self-Service > Financial Account > Transact.
  2. To set up a Payer account in Transact, click Overview in the upper left-hand menu.
  3. Next, click "Send a payer invitation". Follow the instructions to complete the Payer registration.
  4. You will need to share the following with your Payer:

Payers have direct access to Transact, and do not use Self-Service.