Adjusting Your Aid for Enrollment

Adjust Your Aid To Match Your Enrollment

At SAIC, tuition and financial aid are calculated per credit hour. If you decide to enroll in something other than the standard enrollment for your program (i.e., 15 credits/semester for undergraduates), notify SFS immediately by submitting an online Early Aid Actual Adjustment Form by the dates below so your aid can be calculated to match your enrollment. This will ensure more accurate invoices and statements.  By submitting this form, SFS staff will update your award on Self-Service and notify you by email.

Semester Aid Adjustment Form
Priority Submission Date
Estimated First Bill Date
(approx. third week of each month)
Summer April 1 Third week of April
Fall July 1 Third week of July
Winter November 1 Third week of November
Spring December 1 Third week of December


Requesting an Award Estimate

If you do not want SFS to change your award on Self-Service but would like an estimate of your aid at different credit hour scenarios, you can request just a written estimate. This is helpful to students so that they  can understand the financial aspect of being enrolled in a number of credit hours that are other than the standard enrollment (i.e., 15 credit hours for undergraduate, etc). To request an estimate, submit a Financial Aid Estimate RequestBy submitting this form, you will be provided with only an estimate by email. Your award will NOT actually be updated in real-time on Self-Service.