Manage Your Student Account

Self-Service and CASHNet

You can take care of your student account business online by accessing Self-Service and doing a variety of tasks such as:

  • Your Student Account and Financial Aid - View your student account (and financial aid if applicable)
  • Statement of Your Account - Request a statement of your tuition and fees account by clicking on the Financial Account tile.  Then click on the Statement of Accounts button. This request sends a PDF statement of the last 365 days to your SAIC email.
  • Opt Out of Paper Bills - Go Green! As part of SAIC's Go Green Initiative, we ask all students to opt out of receiving paper bills and just the eBills that are available in CASHNet every month. 
  • Your Tasks - View your Tasks (or things to do) of outstanding financial items you may need to submit or complete. (if applicable)
  • Holds - View Holds for enrollment and services due to a past due balances or other reasons
  • Student Employment Work Authorizations - Approve Student Employment Work Authorization if you have been offered a student employment job and access past Work Authorizations for previous jobs.  Click on the Other Services tile and click Student Work Authorizations.
  • Student Employment Earning Reports  - Run Earnings Reports to see your total earnings to date for your student employment jobs or per semester.  Click on the Other Services Non-Mobile tile and click Earning Reports.

While in Self-Service, you may also access CASHNet to use electronic payment and refund options.  To access CASHNet click on the Financial Account tile and then CASHNet.

  • Electronic Payments -  Make an online wire transfer, credit card or ACH (electronic check) payment
  • Payment Plans - Set up a payment plan by semester (re-enroll each new semester)
  • Auto Pay - Set up auto payment by semester (re-enroll each new semester)
  • eBills - Access your electronic bills every month on CASHNet. Parents and others can view eBills if you set them up as Authorized Users (see instructions below)
  • 1098Ts - For those that are eligible, electronic 1098-T forms are available. These can be used to claim Education Tax Credits when filing your annual taxes. Not all students are eligible. See for further details.
  • eRefund - Enroll in eRefunds (direct deposit advances and refunds to your bank account)
  • Authorized Users - Enroll others (parents, guardians, etc.) as authorized users so that they may also access CASHNet. This is done by creating an authorized user login for them and providing them with a direct Internet address to CASHNet (instead of Self-Service).

Setting up an Authorized User in CASHNet

  1. Log into Self-Service and click on the Financial Account tile and click CASHNet.
  2. To set up an authorized user account in CASHNet, click Add New. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the authorized user registration.
  3. You will need to share with your authorized user:

Authorized users have direct access to CASHNet, and do not use Self-Service.