Manage Your Student Account

Self-Service and Transact (previously CASHNet)

Access your student account online by logging into Self-Service to do the following:

  • Your Student Account and Financial Aid - View your student account (and financial aid if applicable)
  • Statement of Account - Request a statement of your account by clicking on Financial Account, then click on Statement of Accounts. This will send a PDF statement of the last 365 days to your SAIC email.
  • Your Tasks - View your tasks of outstanding financial items you need to submit or complete. (if applicable)
  • Holds – View account holds for enrollment and services.
  • Student Employment Work Authorizations - Approve Student Employment Work Authorization if you have been offered student employment and access past Work Authorizations for previous jobs.  Click on Other Services, then click Student Work Authorizations.
  • Student Employment Earning Reports  - Run Earnings Reports to see your total earnings to date for your student employment or per semester.  Click on Other Services Non-Mobile, then click Earning Reports.

To access Transact (previously CASHNet) click on Financial Account, then click Transact.

  • Online Payments -  Make an online wire payment, credit card, or ACH (electronic check) payment
  • Payment Plans – Enroll in the current semester’s payment plan
  • Auto Pay - Set up auto payment for your payment plan (optional)
  • Online Statements - Access your electronic bills every month in Transact (previously CASHNet). Parents and authorized payers can also access electronic bills.
  • 1098Ts - 1098-T forms are available online to eligible students. Please visit for further information
  • Direct Deposit Refunds - Enroll in direct deposit refunds
  • Authorized Payers - Designate parents/guardians as authorized payers so that they may also access your Transact (previously CASHNet) page.

Setting up an Authorized Payer in Transact (previously CASHNet)

  1. Log into Self-Service and click Financial Account, then click Transact (previously CASHNet).
  2. To set up an authorized payer account in Transact (previously CASHNet), click Overview in the left hand menu.
  3. Next, click Send a payer invitation. Follow the instructions to complete the authorized payer registration.
  4. You will need to share with your authorized payer:

Authorized payers have direct access to Transact (previously CASHNet), and do not use Self-Service.