Course Evaluations

The EvaluationKIT online course evaluation system is a modern replacement for traditional, paper-based course evaluations. Course evaluations serve as a platform for all students to provide feedback on the course experience, including course design and quality of instruction. This feedback can be used in conjunction with quantitative data to improve courses, programs, instruction, and the student experience as a whole.

Certain courses are excluded from evaluations altogether due to their unique nature, or if they are evaluated by other means. These include course such s Co-op placements, off-campus courses, grad projects, undergrad independent projects, study abroad courses, Continuing Studies courses, and others. If you are unsure about your course, please email and include the course name and instructor name in your inquiry.

Unique access URLs are automatically sent to each student from the EvaluationKIT system on SAIC's behalf. These URLs provide direct access to each studen'ts surveys. They will be sent from address. Students can also log into the system using their SAIC Gmail credentials at