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Instructional Resources & Facilities Management

Instructional Resources & Facilities Management (IRFM)

IRFM manages the facilities, building design projects, instructional shops, and sustainability department at SAIC.

Design and Construction

Design and Construction helps identify, envision, plan, and deliver new capital construction-related improvements to the SAIC campus. 

  • We handle projects that:

    • Require a design professional of record
    • Involve multiple trades
    • Governed by the Chicago Building Code

    The range of projects that we have recently completed includes everything from simple classroom reconfigurations, important interior improvements such as the LeRoy Neiman Center, and large, technically challenging building facade restorations. To learn more about our current projects, construction impacts and completed projects, visit Campus Construction.

Facilities Engineering

Facilities Engineering division operates and maintains the facilities of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Our office is staffed 16 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to repair and maintenance requests through the 360 Facility request system. The requests are turned into tickets and are distributed to the appropriate building engineer and all requests are reviewed the same day. Emergencies (floods, power failures, safety, etc.) are promptly handled. You can review the status of your work order request in 360 Facility.

In addition to responding to work orders, Facilities Engineering staff inspect all building systems; track utility usage; maintain carpet, ceiling tiles, furniture, windows, and countertops; complete small remodeling jobs; install components in classrooms, offices, and labs; and handle locks and keys among other facilities-related tasks.

Instructional Fabrication

Instructional Fabrication facilities support SAIC’s interdisciplinary curriculum and adapt, respond, and grow with the changing needs of a contemporary art and design practice. Our facilities are staffed with knowledgeable professionals who deliver high-level technical instruction and provide students with ongoing project support. Instructional Fabrication collaborates closely with departments and faculty to support evolving curricula through updated training objectives and the adoption of new equipment.

Instructional Fabrication also creates numerous professional opportunities for students through Work-Study employment, providing an opportunity to learn while contributing to SAIC’s making community. Students interested in openings in the Fabrication facilities can find out more about the jobs and apply through saic.handshake.

Media Resources

Media & Instructional Resources supports SAIC's creative community by providing access to technology and materials, producing high-end media projects, facilitating student radio and television, and offering workshops and training to the entire community.

  • The Media Centers checkout equipment to students to use in the creation of their artwork. Many varieties of media equipment, such as cameras, lenses, microphones and projectors, are available to our community for checkout. 

  • The Academic Multimedia Production & Training (AMPT) area serves the internal-facing multimedia needs of the school. AMPT consists of a team of advanced students and full-time staff, creatively solving problems and providing high-quality educational and instructional videos, graphics and design solutions, training materials, and creative content for our academic partners within a professional internal creative studio and video production house-like environment, which enriches, contributes to, and expands SAIC's Academic Mission. For more information, please email the AMPT team.

  • Student Trainers in the Academic Multimedia Production & Training area (AMPT) are experts on Media Center equipment, including still and video cameras, lights, microphones, and other sound-related equipment. Trainers offer one-on-one training and group workshops on Media Center production equipment and software and provide helpful feedback, techniques, and insights on in-progress student work. For more information about Student Training, please visit our Media Center Workshops and Training page or email the AMPT team.

  • We support faculty teaching in smart classrooms, students presenting in spaces, and programs in our campus event venues. Visit our Classroom Training Materials web page for a detailed walk-through on how to use the classroom technology.

  • Material Source locations on campus sell commonly utilized curricular items and specialty materials not easily sourced downtown. Items such as wood, metal, clay, electronics, and fabrics, among many other available materials, can be purchased by students conveniently on campus. The Material Source Website (sites.saic.edu/materialsource) has a complete catalog, hours, locations, and operational details. Contact Material Source with any questions by emailing saicmaterialsource@saic.edu.

Facilities Services

Facilities Services ensures the functionality of facilities through coordination of people, processes, space, infrastructure, and technology. Services include academic facility coordination, capital purchase planning, resource and service coordination, environmental health and safety, logistics, and housekeeping. SAIC students, faculty and staff depend on us to provide an environment that promotes SAIC’s reputation as a leader in arts education.

  • Classroom audiovisual (AV) presentation systems generally include an instructional podium containing an iMac computer, cables to connect a laptop, and a Blu-ray player connected to a remote-controlled video projector and audio system. Digital visual presenters are available in some specialized classrooms.

    For questions or concerns regarding AV technology in the classroom or to request assistance with a system, please dial 9-IRFM (9-4736) from any campus phone or call 312.499.4920 from an off-campus phone.

    There are integrated student computer workstations in some classrooms. Computer Resources and Information Technologies (CRIT) supports classroom computers. Please get in touch with the CRIT Helpdesk (saic.edu/crit) when assistance with classroom computers is required.

  • General-use classrooms on campus are typically outfitted with tables, chairs, chalkboards or whiteboards, tackable wall surfaces, and minimal power and data connections. Specialized classrooms and studios may contain resources specific to the room’s use, such as industrial work tables, tables wired with additional power/data for laptop use, industrial shelving, kraft paper dispensers, sinks, easels, etc. 

    To report any concern or request classroom resources please call 9.IRFM from any campus phone or enter a Facility 360 Work Order.

  • IRFM provides a basic set of supplies to classrooms on campus including items such as dry erase markers, erasers, brown kraft paper, soap, and paper towels. To request supplies please call 9.IRFM from any campus phone or enter a Facility 360 Work Order.

  • IRFM manages the day-to-day climate and cleanliness in classrooms and studios across campus. Facility temperatures are kept at comfortable level and buildings are generally cleaned on a daily basis. Waste and recycling bins are emptied, floors swept and vacuumed, and surfaces dusted. To report housekeeping issues or a problem with temperature in a room please call 9.IRFM from any campus phone or enter a Facility 360 Work Order.

  • Classrooms on campus are supplied with helpful instructional and emergency signage. This includes:

    IRFM Emergency Instructions [PDF]

    Health and Safety in the Arts [PDF]

    Art School Considerations [PDF]

    Smartroom Quick Guide [PDF]

    Bag and Tag [PDF]

    To report missing classroom signage or to request additional copies please call 9.IRFM from any campus phone or enter a Facility 360 Work Order.

  • SAIC’s campus has many spaces available to students, faculty, and staff for events, meetings, exhibitions, and extracurricular activities. These range from a simple classroom to the MacLean Ballroom to more specialized spaces such as the Gene Siskel Film Center. A list of available spaces including instructions, policies, and contact information for reservations can be found below.

    Various classrooms across campus are available to students, staff, and faculty for use outside of scheduled class times. There are 25 available rooms located either in the MacLean Center, 116 South Michigan Avenue Building, or the Sharp Building. Each of these classrooms has a Smart Room system including a computer, projector, screen, and an array of media playing devices. A full list of reservable classrooms is located within the Space Reservation System (SRS).

    • Reservation requests should be submitted 48 hours in advance.
    • Cancellations should be made at least 3 days in advance.
    • Confirmed room reservations may be subject to change with little notice. It may be necessary to relocate a confirmed reservation to a new room. If this happens, we will provide as much notice as possible. We will help redirect attendees to the new location.
    • Rooms tend to be booked back to back, so be sure to vacate the room by the end of your reserved time.
    • If possible, do not move the furniture around. If you do end up moving the furniture around it is your responsibility to make sure the room is returned to its original configuration before your reservation ends.
    • Be sure to clean up any mess you make before you leave. Dispose of trash, remove papers, and erase the chalk/dry erase boards. If you order food through HandCut, please ensure that arrangements have been made to pick up any left over food items or equipment.
    • All of the smart classroom equipment cabinets are unlocked. If you use the equipment be sure to shut it all down before you leave. If you have any technical difficulties DO NOT COME TO THE MEDIA CENTER, call 9.IRFM. We will send a tech to your room to help you out. 

    SAIC Ballroom
    For Ballroom booking and availability questions & information:

    IRFM Business Operations team

  • The SAIC Ballroom has a range of AV equipment, including a video projector, a theater-style screen, a presentation computer, handheld and lavalier-style microphones. Lighting controls are available through a selection of preset lighting options. Events requiring more complex AV setups, including customizable lighting options, require hiring an AV technician.

  • Located in the heart of Chicago's bustling theater district, the Gene Siskel Film Center is the loop's contemporary alternative for business meetings and special events. With two state-of-the-art movie theaters and a sunlight-filled Cafe/Gallery overlooking State Street, the Gene Siskel Film Center provides a sophisticated yet comfortable setting for corporate events, luncheons, presentations, screenings, and private receptions. To book your event, please email filmcenter@saic.edu.

  • The LeRoy Neiman Center boasts several spaces that are available for specific programming.

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