Space Reservation System

The Space Reservation System allows the entire SAIC community to reserve generally assignable classrooms, the kind used by Liberal Arts and Art History classes, for meetings, get-togethers, and other clean-use purposes. All users can quickly and conveniently login and use the web app to:

  • Locate a room and see availability
  • View details, such as installed equipment, photos, and capacity for each space
  • Filter by room type or location and save your favorite spaces
  • Make a new reservation or update or cancel your existing reservations
  • Receive email confirmations and reminders of upcoming reservations

In the future, spaces for painting, sculpting, and other making processes such as studios, labs, and shops will become available in the Space Reservation System. This new system will help the School use our spaces more efficiently and provide data to help us understand how we use the spaces we have and what kinds of spaces we need and build to suit.

Contact the CRIT Help Desk (312.345.3535) for assistance with login or support issues.

What is SAIC’s Space Reservation System?

Our Space Reservation System is an online room scheduling tool. It has two primary purposes: it helps schedule courses into class rooms according to room size, equipment needs, location, instructor needs, and availability. It also helps individuals make reservations for classrooms outside of class time.

Why are we using it?

SAIC wants to "free the space." By using a reservation system, everyone in the SAIC community can make reservations for classrooms when classes aren’t taking place. We can also build our annual course schedules in its collaborative environment, thus sharing classrooms among all departments.

How do I access the Space Reservation System?

Click the pink login link at the top right of this page or login here. SAIC’s Space Reservation System is available to students, faculty, and staff and can be used from anywhere. You can use your SAIC email username and password to login.

Which classrooms are available?

Only generally assignable classrooms are currently available for reservation. Spaces like labs, shops, and studios aren’t reservable. You can check availability and see photos of classrooms. After you login, in the left frame, under the Browse menu, click Locations to view the schedules of all available rooms. Click the room number link to see a description of room features, room capacity, and photos.

How do I make a reservation?

The SRS User Guide explains how to search for rooms, add your favorite rooms, make a room reservation, edit your reservations, and cancel them. Some rooms are automatic approval of reservations; others require review then approval (or denial). You can see which rooms are reservable versus requestable on the Room Request page. Rooms appear in two lists: Rooms You Can Reserve or Rooms You Can Request.


Can my reservation get bumped or canceled?

Yes. Classes are a priority. If a class moves to a different room and your reservation is in the way, your reservation is bumped. You’ll get an email telling you what happened. You must login to the Space Reservation System to find a new room for your event.

TIP: If you wait until after Add/Drop, your reservation has a smaller chance of getting bumped. But that’s not a guarantee.

What can I use classrooms for?

Generally assignable classrooms can be used for meetings, interviews, and other events. These are clean spaces that house Liberal Arts and Art History courses and cannot be used for wet or otherwise messy purposes. Food and beverages are allowed. However, if you plan to feed a large group, please enter a Housekeeping ticket in 360Facility to help clean up the room when you are done. If you do not enter a 360Facility ticket, we assume you will clean up and move tables and chairs back into their original configuration.