Capital Assets

Capital asset requests are submitted on an annual basis in the early part of the fall semester. Requests can be made to fund special requests and replacement schedules for resources, facilities, and construction/renovation projects. Funding is available to both academic and administrative departments upon request/approval.

Funding Categories

Media Production Technology

This category is used to request audio, video, film, photo and production lighting equipment.

Smart Systems/Display Technology

This category is used to request Smart Systems (installed and mobile) for classrooms and critique spaces or AV technology to create permanent display spaces for student work, etc.

Computers, Software, and Peripherals

This category is used to request NEW resources for faculty, staff, offices, labs, classrooms, edit suites, exhibitions and items to be circulated through the Media Center. You may also use this space to request items such as fax machines, scanners etc. Please note that resources currently inventoried by CRIT and in need of replacement or upgrade are on a replacement/upgrade schedule. Please discuss replacement needs with CRIT prior to requesting them here. IRFM will submit Greenlight requests on your behalf. 

Equipment and Tools

This category is used to request equipment and tools specific to your department i.e. clay mixer for Ceramics, band saw for the Shops, loom for Fiber, etc. Misc. resources that do not fit into any other category may also be requested here.


This category is used to request furniture for offices and classrooms including tables, chairs, desks, storage systems, lockers, mobile whiteboards, etc.

Academic Facilities Renewal

This category is used to request improvements to your current facilities i.e. lighting, flooring, electrical, doors, locks, windows, blinds. etc.


This category is used to request significant changes to the actual construction of your facilities. This includes any modification to the existing building components such as the construction of new walls, the removal of existing walls, etc. IRFM will build a comprehensive budget for the proposed work based on the information provided here.

New Space Needs

This category is used to request new and expanded facilities for your department. Requests made in the section should represent an increased footprint for your department. Please justify your request with a description of the purpose and function of the new facility. Include a description of all staffing, technology, equipment and furniture required to support the new space.


Capital Asset Request Form

The request form is set up as a Google Doc in Excel format during the capital asset request period in the early part of fall semester. The form is editable for the duration of the request period. It is locked from further editing once the due date has passed. The form is viewable by departments throughout the entire process.

Departments should fill out the form to the best of their knowledge. Departments should also include a justification for their requests. Departments are welcome to submit additional documents if needed to support their requests.


  • Request forms and instructions are distributed to academic and administrative department chairs, heads, administrative directors, and technical staff in late September.
  • Requests are due back in late October.
  • Departments are notified of both approvals and denials during the following spring semester.
  • Spending of approved funds typically begins at the turn of the following fiscal year, July 1.

Construction, renovation, and facilities projects may be put into a different timeline depending on size of project and planning schedules.

Organization of Requests Against Budget

Requests are organized by potential budget source and reviewed accordingly:

Operating Capital—Resources valued at less that $10,000 individually and facilities, construction, or renovation projects valued at less than $10,000 (construction and equipment combined).

Capital Assets—Resources valued at more that $10,000 individually and facilities, construction, or renovation projects valued at more than $10,000 (construction and equipment combined).

Review Committee

Request are reviewed by representatives of the following departments: 

  • Deans’ and Provost’s Office
  • Instructional Resources and Facilities Management (IRFM)
  • Computer Resources and Information Technologies (CRIT)
  • Fiscal Office
  • Student Affairs

Review Process

The following concerns inform the decision making process: 

  • Institutional priorities
  • Funding availability
  • Reasonability and sustainability of request
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Useful life/value
  • Institutional standards, maintenance and support
  • Scope of Community Impact
  • Equitable distribution of funding

Resource Delivery and Project Implementation

  • IRFM Facilities Services coordinates purchasing and procurement of resources and furniture and the implementation of academic facilities renewal projects. 
  • CRIT coordinates the purchasing and procurement of replacement computers, peripherals, and software.
  • CRIT and IRFM Facilities Services collaborate on the procurement of growth resources.
  • New space needs are addressed with the Deans’ and Provost’s Offices.
  • IRFM Design and Constructions leads the planning and implementation of construction/renovation projects.