Graduation and Retention Rates

The information presented below is required by the Student Right-to-Know Act as amended by the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA). Institutions are required to disclose their graduation rate information for first-time freshmen who graduate within six years of starting their studies. The current rate for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago is 68 percent. This information does not include transfer, exchange, or special certificate students for whom the graduation rate is much higher.

Graduation Rate
  Males 61%
  Female 70%
  American Indian or Alaska Native 0%
  Asian 75%
  Black or African American 42%
  Hispanic/Latino 55%
  Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander N/A
  White 62%
  Two or more races 67%
  Race/ethnicity unknown 71%
  Nonresident alien 78%
Financial Aid
  Pell Grant Recipients 49%
  Federal Stafford Loan Recipients 69%
  Students who did not receive a Pell Grant or Loan 73%

The first-year retention rate of first-time, full-time bachelor’s degree-seeking students entering the institution during the fall 2019 period as reported to IPEDS is 74 percent.