Undergraduate Curriculum Overview

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with an Emphasis in Writing students follow an individualized curricular pathway that allows them to explore a wide range of possibilities for writing and integrating text with the visual arts. Here are the requirements you must meet to earn a BFA with an Emphasis in Writing.

    Total Credit Hours


    Writing Core Curriculum


    • HUM 2001 Literature Survey I (3)
    • HUM 3002 Literature Survey II (3)
    • WRIT 1102 Intro to Writing as Art (3)
    • WRIT 2040 Writing Workshop (3)
    • WRIT 3140 Advanced Writing Workshop (3)
    • WRIT 4001 Generative Seminar (6)
    • CAPSTONE 4900 Undergraduate Thesis for BFAW Seminar (3)




    • CP 1010 Core Studio Practice I (3)
    • CP 1011 Core Studio Practice II (3)
    • CP 1020 Research Studio I (3)
    • CP 1022 Research Studio II (3)
    • SOPHSEM 2900 (3)
    • PROFPRAC 3900 (3)
    • Studio Electives—May include additional Writing courses (18)


    Liberal Arts 


    • ENGLISH 1001 First Year Seminar I (3)
    • ENGLISH 1005 First Year Seminar II (3)
    • Humanities (9)
    • Social Sciences (9)
    • Natural Sciences (6)
    • Liberal Arts Electives (6)


    Art History 


    • ARTHI 1001 World Cultures/Civilizations: Pre-History to 19th Century Art and Architecture (3)
    • Art History Elective at 1000 level (3)
    • Art History Electives (6)


    General Electives—Studio, Liberal Arts, Art History, and/or BFAW courses


    Transfer Students

    Total credits required for minimum residency: 60
    Minimum Writing Studio credit: 42

BFAW Thesis Reading

BFAW students participate in the BFAW Thesis Reading in their final spring semester; those students who demonstrate a visual art practice may also apply to exhibit in the fall semester BFA Thesis Exhibition. BFAW students collaboratively conceptualize, edit and produce an annual publication in the Writing Program’s own BookLab, in addition to producing many other independent print, web and performance-based projects.


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This workshop, appropriate for students working on or off the page, privileges construction by way of collecting, selecting and arranging smaller units I call miniatures. Traditionally miniatures in art have been expected to stand on their own and represent compressed essentials of an accepted form, but this course embraces individual units more slant and rag-tag and explores construction with miniatures that may vary in aspect, scale, intention and material form. This course was created to serve students across the graduate division and works best with an interdisciplinary cohort. All are welcome.

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Lakeview - 808

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