The Art History, Theory, and Criticism department's distinguished faculty are nationally and internationally renowned historians of art and design, fully involved in the exploration and re-examination of the field. They are well versed in contemporary theoretical debates, and are committed to building a diverse, exciting environment for the exchange of ideas and the production of culture.

Art History Full-Time Faculty

Simon Anderson
Teaching: Opening and Unfolding Correspondence Art; Anti-Art; Situation Report
Research: In the Spirit of Fluxus

Shiben Banerji
Teaching: On Leave 2023-2024; Nationalism and Internationalism in Modern Architecture; Beautiful Books
Research: "The Theosophical Garden City," Planning Perspectives, 2019.

Annie Bourneuf
Teaching: Thesis Tutorial; Modern Art and After; Art, Media, and Politics in the Weimar Republic
Research: Behind the Angel of History: The Angelus Novus and Its Interleaf; "Lucia Moholy's Documentation Service," in Lucia Moholy exh. cat., ed. Jordan Troeller

Seth Kim Cohen
Teaching: We'll Fix It In Post: Postmodernism, Poststructuralism, Posthumanism; Singing LeWitt: Conceptualism and Sound
Research: Rock and Roll vs. Modern Life; “Gnostics of the North, or Music to Recolonize Your Anxious Capitalist Dreams By” in Law, Culture, Text, special issue, “The Acoustics of Justice,”

Delinda Collier- Dean of Graduate Studies
Teaching: Art and Fetish; Not Enough Africa in Computers
Research: Media Primitivism: Technological Art in Africa; “We Need a Lighthouse Philosopher: Filipa César’s and Louis Henderson’s Sunstone (2018) and the Portuguese Genealogy of Lens-Based Media,” in Critical Interventions: Journal of African Art History and Visual Culture

James Elkins
Teaching: How Critiques Work; Experimental Writing on Art
Research: Weak in Comparison to Dreams; The End of Diversity in Art Historical Writing: North Atlantic Art History and Its Alternatives

Michael Golec
Teaching: Typographic Modernity; Data, Aesthetics, and Technical Images
Research:  “The Dematerialization of Complexity, Dynamic Iconography, and Iconic (Past) Futures,” in Bauhaus Futures; Brillo Box Archive: Aesthetics, Design, and Art

Jennifer Lee- Undergraduate Coordinator
Teaching: Aesthetics, Politics, and Revolution In and Beyond Modern China; Mass Demonstration: Art, Politics, and Collective Action in Asia
Research: Anxiety Aesthetics: Maoist Legacies in China, 1978–1985; “Lu Yang's Cancer Baby: Coercions of the Image” in Screen Bodies 7.1

Daniel Quiles- Department Chair
Teaching: Thesis Tutorial; Art and Migration, Intelligent Artifice: A.I. and its Past Lives
Research: “Numbers and Dreams: Candida Alvarez, 1976-1988,” in HERE: A Survey, exh. cat. Chicago Cultural Center; “Black Box / Clear Box: Luis Benedit and Cybernetics,” in Luis Benedit, ed. Maria Torres

David Raskin
Teaching: Senior Thesis; Lit Art: Literary styles of describing, interpreting, and explaining works of art
Research: Donald Judd; “Sam Falls Interviewed by David Raskin” in BOMB Magazine

Nora Taylor
Teaching: Post-Asia: Issues in Contemporary Asian Art; Asian Art Now; Colonialism, Orientalism and Primitivism in 19th century India and Southeast Asia
Research: Art History 2023 Kraevskaia Moscow’s Outreach to Hanoi Artistic Ties between the Soviet Union and Vietnam, co-written with Natalia Kraevskaia; “Sedimented Acts: Performing History and Historicizing Performance in Vietnam, Myanmar and Singapore” in Southeast of Now

Lisa Wainwright
Teaching: Extending the Canon; Found Objects in Art
Research: “The Art Museum and the Art School: Negotiating Collaboration in Chicago” in Academics, Artists, and Museums

Mechtild Widrich
Teaching: Monumental Cares -- Sites of History and New Futures; Visiting Artist Program - Discussion Seminar; Site and Place in the Age of the Anthropocene
Research: Monumental Cares: Sites of History and Contemporary Art; “From Rags to Monuments: Ana Lupaş’s Humid Installation” in Art Margins Online

Bess Williamson- MA Program Director, 2023-2024
Teaching: Ars Domestica: Clothing Cooking Caring; Extraordinary Bodies: Disability in Art/Design/Culture.
Research: Making Disability Modern, co-edited with Elizabeth Guffey; Accessible America:: A History of Disability and Design

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