What is your COVID-19 vaccination policy?

All Continuing Studies students who are eligible to receive a vaccine and intend to be on campus for any period of time will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and follow SAIC's evolving policies around masking, social distancing, and submission of vaccine status documents

A person is considered fully vaccinated when they are two weeks or more beyond the receipt of their second dose in a two-dose vaccine or two weeks or more beyond the receipt of one dose of a single-dose vaccine. You, or parents/guardians of students, will need to submit proof of vaccination or a request for a medical or religious exemption. Learn more.

How do I get downtown once I arrive in Chicago?

Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from either of Chicago's airports (O'Hare or Midway). We recommend students use Airport Express and call 1.888.2THEVAN or visit airportexpress.com to make a reservation. 

Students may also use a taxi service or public transportation from either airport. Cab fare is approximately $40–$50 and public transportation is $2.25–$5.00 one way. For public transit maps, visit transitchicago.com.

Can I live off-campus? 

Living in SAIC’s residence hall is not required, but is highly recommended. Prior ECPSI students have mentioned the benefits of living on campus, such as easy access to classrooms and studios, engaging with other students, and partaking in residence life activities

If I choose to live in the Residence Hall, what should I bring?

Students living in the residence hall must provide bed linens and blankets (extra–long twin sheets or any fitted sheet, blanket or sleeping bag, and pillow), towels, toiletries (toilet paper, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc.), alarm clock, cooking and eating utensils (plate, fork, knife, spoon, etc.), laundry and dish detergent (as needed), a combination lock if students wish to make use of lockers available in academic buildings to store supplies, and art supplies. These items can be purchased after you arrive in Chicago–Target is steps from the residence hall. Visit Summer Institute Residence Hall General Information for full details.

Do not ship personal items in advance of your arrival; we cannot hold these items for you. Anything shipped to our office will be returned to sender.

What is expected of me in terms of coursework? 

Each class is different and will have its own requirements. However, all students should expect to get homework during the week and on the weekends. The ECP Summer Institute is an advanced program granting college credit upon successful completion. Students are expected to complete assignments outside of class and therefore should plan to spend approximately two hours each evening in the studios. Students are here first and foremost for an intensive academic experience in the visual arts.

Can ECPSI courses be audited/taken for non-credit? 

ECPSI courses are credit only and cannot be audited.

Is there any tuition assistance available? 

Financial assistance is available in the form of need-based aid and merit scholarships. Need-based aid is available to US residents only. All students may apply for merit scholarships. Learn more about how to apply for tuition assistance.

How large are ECPSI classes? 

It depends on the class. Courses that require specialized equipment like computers, etc., are usually limited to 12–14. Other classes are closer to 14 – 20. The average ratio of instructional staff to students is 1:8 

How much work can I expect to produce during an ECPSI course? 

As with homework, each class is different and will yield its own unique product. However, students should expect to produce several initial projects/assignments in addition to a final project that is self-driven.

Is there additional support for international students? 

SAIC has an international affairs office that can help to support international students!

What about supplies for the course? 

Art supplies are the responsibility of the student. Supply lists will be available June 1. Visit Next Steps and Information for Enrolled Students for more information. 

How are ECPSI students supervised? 

ECPSI students are allowed free time for lunch, between classes and curfew (curfew is for residential students and the city of Chicago also has a curfew), and on the weekends. If parents or students are looking for a program with one hundred percent supervision, they should consider the nature of this program thoroughly before registering.

Instructional staff supervises the use of the public transportation system (CTA) during class and there are also supervised outings coordinated by residence life on evenings and weekends so students may explore the city. Students are discouraged from using the CTA without supervision.

ECPSI students are required to check in/out for the times/events listed below:

9:00 a.m., Monday–Friday Class attendance taken All students
12:00 p.m., Monday–Friday Students released for lunch All students
1:00 p.m., Monday–Friday Class attendance checked post-lunch All students
6:00 p.m., Tuesday–Thursday Workshop attendance taken All students
10:00 p.m., every day Curfew in residence hall Residential students only
7:30 a.m., every day Students allowed to leave residence hall Residential students only

Note: Lunch times may differ if classes are on a field trip or need to alter the time due to a project. Teaching Assistants still keep attendance during these times.

How does my work get home? 

Students are responsible for getting their work home. We are unable to store, pack, or ship work for students. Instructors and TAs will help students prep to pack up work at the end of the session. Work that cannot be transported home can be photographed and/or videoed. Visit Next Steps and Information for Enrolled Students for more information.