A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Art Connects Us, Volume 33

At the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), our community has responded to the current moment as true citizen artists.

Our community's work demonstrates a belief in our interconnectedness as people and our shared responsibility to make positive change. Below you’ll find just a few of the stories that build our optimism, reignite our passion, and fill us with hope for the future.

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Image of Richard Hunt's sculpture Light of Truth against a blue sky
Richard Hunt, Light of Truth. Image courtesy of WTTW News

Alum Richard Hunt Creates Bronzeville Monument to Ida B. Wells
Alum Richard Hunt (BA 1957, HON 1979) created a monument in honor of the crusading journalist, activist, and researcher Ida B. Wells. The monument, entitled Light of Truth, represents Wells’s multifaceted work and legacy. It’s located in Chicago’s Bronzeville community, on the land where the neighborhood’s Ida B. Wells homes once stood. read more

Several guests looking at the colorful walls of Ware's exhibition
Chicago: Where Comics Came to Life (1880–1960). Credit: Vashon Jordan Jr. Image courtesy of Chicago Tribune

Alum Chris Ware Celebrates Comics at the Chicago Cultural Center
Artist, writer, and alum Chris Ware (SAIC 1991–93, HON 2019) and Chicago Cultural Historian Emeritus Tim Samuelson curated and designed the Chicago Cultural Center’s newest exhibition. Chicago: Where Comics Came to Life (1880–1960) spans almost a century of content from Chicago’s early comics scene, including pieces from Ware and Samuelson’s own collections. read more

Small houses made out of patterned paper holding candles
Image courtesy of Logan Squarist

Alum Beth Herman Adler Creates Covid Houses in Response to Pandemic
Inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, alum Beth Herman Adler (SAIC 1973–77) created Covid Houses: a series of small, house-like structures made out of folded paper with a single candle inside. Each uniquely patterned house signifies a month of the pandemic. “The houses were my diary for this period, keeping track of the progress of the virus,” she shared. read more

A moth-shaped candle is pressed against a window screen
Hyun Jung Jun, dotted moth, 2021, beeswax and hemp wick. Image courtesy of Goldfinch

In Her Wax Sculptures, Alum Hyun Jung Jun Explores the Ephemeral Nature of Art
Since her time at SAIC, alum Hyun Jung Jun (MFA 2019) has been enamored with ephemeral materials, such as the flour and sugar she uses in her elaborate, edible cakes. In her latest exhibition in East Garfield Park, she’s shaped candles into moth-like figurines. “I actually want people to burn these, I want them to perish,” Jun shared. “Really to just disappear.” read more