Image of Richard Hunt's sculpture Light of Truth against a blue sky

Alum Richard Hunt Creates Bronzeville Monument to Ida B. Wells

Sculptor, local Chicagoan, and alum Richard Hunt (BA 1957, HON 1979) created a monument to crusading journalist, activist, and researcher Ida B. Wells. The monument, entitled Light of Truth, represents Wells’s multifaceted work and legacy. “We made a decision before we even contacted Richard that we wanted to have something that would not be in her likeness,” shared Michelle Duster, a local author and Wells’s great-granddaughter. “We wanted it to be a monument versus a statue because Ida’s life and her work was so multi-dimensional, so multi-layered that we felt trying to capture one pose would not capture all of who she was.” Light of Truth is located in Bronzeville, on the land where the neighborhood’s Ida B. Wells homes once stood.