I-20 Application

The U.S. government requires that all international applicants provide the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) with evidence of their ability to pay a full year of tuition and living expenses before a Certificate of Eligibility (I-20) may be issued. To apply for your I-20, prepare the following documents and return them by fax or email to International Affairs (email is preferred):

  1. Completed Statement of Financial Support
  2. Bank statement showing a full year of available funding
  3. Copy of your passport biographical page
  4. International Declaration of Intent

If you are admitted to SAIC, you will be contacted by International Affairs for copies of these documents and instructions for their completion.

SAIC will issue your I-20 and mail it to the address listed on the Statement of Financial Support.

Students Transferring from Another U.S. Institution

If you are currently in F-1 visa status transferring from another institution in the United States you must request that your Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) record be transferred to SAIC. The SEVIS record may be transferred the day after completing studies at your current school. You should only request to transfer your SEVIS record after being fully admitted to SAIC. To transfer your record to SAIC:

  1. Complete Transfer Release Form with your current international advisor. You should provide your current international advisor with a copy of your SAIC Admission Letter.
  2. Submit the Statement of Financial Support, bank statement and copy of your passport to International Affairs.
  3. International Affairs will issue your new SAIC I-20 Form.

Your SAIC I-20 will either be mailed to you or given to you in person if you are in Chicago.

Your F-1 visa may list your old school but will remain valid with an SAIC I-20 as long as you transfer your SEVIS record to us, without a break in study. Please call our office if you have any questions.


Students who will be accompanied by a spouse and/or a child/children must complete the Dependent Supplement form and provide photocopies of each dependent’s passport. Evidence of additional funding is required as specified on the form. To request a copy of the Dependant Supplement, please email International Affairs at intaff@saic.edu.