Newly Admitted International Student: Health Insurance

Health Insurance

SAIC requires that all full-time students have insurance coverage while enrolled at SAIC. As such, all SAIC F-1 international students are automatically enrolled in and charged for SAIC’s student health insurance plan.

Health insurance coverage for international students’ dependents (spouse/partner and/or children) is available at an additional cost upon request once they arrive in the United States.

The website for the Student Health Insurance Plan that SAIC offers is Go there to:

  • Print your student insurance ID card
  • Read the student health insurance brochure
  • View the health insurance claim form


In accordance with the Illinois College Immunization Code, all students who enroll in six or more credit hours per semester must have proof of immunization on file with Health Services. For additional information about immunization requirments, please visit the Health Services immunization site.

Additionally, all SAIC students are required to vaccinated against COVID-19. You may find additional information here.