Residence Staff

Buckingham Apartments

RA Alex McLendon Headshot
Alex McLendon


Anne White Headshot
Anne White

Floors 16 and 19

Ellery Spyker Headshot
Ellery Spyker

Floors 14 and 15

Emma Varano Headshot
Emma Varano

Floors 9 and 10

Kevin Banks Headshot
Kevin Banks

Floors 7 and 8

Mads Reardon Headshot
Mads Reardon

Floors 5 and 6

Misa Yo Headshot
Misa Yo

Floor 11 and 20

Naomi Joyner Headshot
Naomi Joyner

Floors 3 and 4

Olivia Colon Headshot
Olivia Colon

Floors 17 and 18

Pratima Pinnepalli Headshot
Pratima Pinnepalli

Floors 12 and 13

Yuri Yi Headshot
Yuri Yi


Jones Hall

Ali Kelling Headshot
Ali Kelling

Floors 5 and 6

RA Garret Roberts Headshot
Garret Roberts


Grace Maxwell Headshot
Grace Maxwell

Floors 9 and 10

Lily Christou Headshot
Lily Christou

Floors 3 and 4

Nancy Yao Headshot
Nancy Yao

Floors 13 and 14

Sophia Shin Headshot
Sophia Shin

Floors 7 and 8

Yaelin Kim Headshot
Yaelin Calaguas Kim

Floors 11 and 12

162 North State Street

Ahnali Tran Headshot
Ahnali Michele Tran

Floor 11

Audrey Bruskiewitz Headshot
Audrey Bruskiewitz

Floor 16

RA Bri Pizarro Headshot
Bri Pizarro

Floor 12

Cia Castillo Headshot
Cia Castillo

Floor 13

Headshot of CJ Poku
CJ Poku

Floor 15

Fernanda Santos Headshot
Fernanda Carvalho Santos


Hwiy Chang Headshot
Hwiy Chang


Io Anderson Headshot
Io Quincy Anderson

Floor 6

Lexi Regan Headshot
Lexi Regan


Liberty Harris Headshot
Liberty Harris

Floor 8

Maggie Herrejon Headshot
Maggie Herrejon

Floor 9 

Natalie Jeng Headshot
Natalie Jeng

Floor 5

Rebecca May Headshot
Rebecca May

Floor 14

Ryan Oh Headshot
Ryan Oh

Floor 10

Suhani Mundada Headshot
Suhani Mundada

Floor 7

Residence Life Professional Staff

Abigail Holcomb Headshot
Abigail Holcomb

Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Residence Life

Ashlie Ferreira Headshot
Ashlie Ferreira

Assistant Director of Housing and Summer Programs

Danny Boucher Headshot
Danny Boucher

Assistant Director for Conduct and Special Programs

Jada Bennett Headshot
Jada Jeni Bennett

Assistant Director of Campus Life

Headshot of SAIC Training and Education Coordinator, Jason
Jason Luo

Community Development, Training, and Education Coordinator

Lo-K Leslie Headshot
Lo-K Leslie

Housing and Residence Life Coordinator

Madison Iffft Headshot
Madison Ifft

Residence Hall Director, 162 N. State St

Turnip Van Dyke Headshot
Turnip Van Dyke

Residence Hall Director, Jones and Buckingham