Moving In

What are the requirements regarding COVID-19 Vaccine and living on campus?

SAIC will require COVID-19 vaccines for all undergraduate, graduate, post-baccalaureate, and Continuing Studies students who intend to be on campus for any period of time starting in the Fall 2021 term.  Students living in the residence halls cannout move in until they've submitted proof to SAIC that they are fully vaccinated. Please visit the SAIC Health Services Patient Portal for submitting your proof of vaccine. 
More information will be sent to residence hall students in the coming weeks.  You can also visit the Make Ready page with updates regarding opening and COVID-19 at:

What are SAIC Move In Dates & Times?

SAIC will facilitate a move in process:


  • August 21: for fully vaccinated students - we recommend you choose this time if you are an international student and/or,live abroad. Orientation Leaders and Move-in Crew are expected to also select this time. 

  • August 26, 27, & 28: all fully vaccinated students

  • If you are unable to be fully vaccinated by the time of move-in, please contact to discuss alternate arrangements

  • Students must sign up for a move in time slot from the Housing Portal for the day & time they will be arriving to their building. 1 Hour long time slots are available from 9:00am - 4:00pm for all four move in dates, and are filled on a first come first serve basis. 


What do I need to do to prepare for Move In?

  1. Ensure Health Services has up to date vaccine records via SAIC Health Services Patient Portal. Students must be fully vaccinated in order to move in to the residence halls

  2. Plan to bring only bring necessary items with you at move-in.  View our move-in page for more information regarding recommended items to bring. Ship items with Collegeboxes if appropriate

  3. Ensure you have an emergency contact listed in Peoplesoft Self Service

  4. Identify if you will bring a guest(s) with you to assist in the process. Students may have up to 2 guests accompany them during move in, masks are required to be worn by all students and guests

  5. New Students only: Submit your photo TODAY for the ARTICard student ID. The ARTICard is the door key for 162 N State Street & Jones HallCheck your SAIC email for a personalized link which should be used to submit your photo

  6. New Students only: Sign the ARTICard/U-Pass contracts sent to your SAIC email address

  7. Sign up for a move-time from the Housing Portal.

How will SAIC’s Move In Work?

  1. Arrive at your designated move-in time - students who arrive early will not be able to be move in early;

  2. Arrive at your assigned residence hall (more information on the specific location will be available with room & roommate assignments on August 3rd) at your designated time wearing a mask;

  3. Check-in with a staff member using a government issued photo ID and pick up your key/ARTICard;

  4. Unload your vehicle (49 x 29 x 30 carts available) and move items into the building (one person will need to remain with the vehicle);

  5. Return carts immediately after unloading;

  6. Move vehicle to a permanent parking location;

  7. Unpack your room!  

In order to make this experience as physically distant as possible, students will have no more than one hour from check-in time to having all of their items into their room. We encourage all residents to pack lightly and bring only items they need. For more information on items to bring, visit our move-in page. Students should consider using to ship items to the residence halls in advance that can be delivered directly to residence hall rooms.

In order to allow all students to move-in, we ask that students and their families refrain from using the elevators outside of their move-in time.  Open elevators times will be designated for students to utilize for running errands to nearby stores for groceries, home goods, and other needed items.

How do I sign up for a Move-In Time?

Students must sign up for a move-in time through the Housing Portal.

Can I bring someone to assist with my move in?

  • Students may bring two people to assist with their move in.  

  • These people will only have access to the residence hall on the student’s specified move in day and may not stay overnight. They must follow all posted public health guidance.

  • If you are arriving alone, carts are provided to help move up many items at once. Additionally, move-in crew will be available on the 26th, 27th, and 28th to help. 

What if I have an issue with my room?

If you have any issues or concerns with your space upon arrival, please find your RA on your floor to notify them, or go to the Check In Desk to get assistance.

When will SAIC New Student Orientation begin?

The virtual New Student Orientation experience will launch on August 9, 2021.  Welcome Week in-person programming will begin with optional programming on August 21 and mandatory programming beginning August 28.  For the most up to date information on orientation, visit

What if I need to buy a laptop, get a cell phone or open a US bank account?

Students are encouraged to utilize online shopping and digital banking as much as is possible. Our residence hall offices will be open to allow for students to receive mail and packages. If students need to leave the residence halls to purchase items, we will have designated times during move in when students can exit and enter the building. Students in quarantine will not be permitted to leave their rooms during the quarantine period.

Can I see my space/the residence halls before my move in time?

To create the most physically distant move in experience, students will not have access to their room/the residence halls before their designated move in time. If you have specific questions about your room, contact Residence Life at

How do I get to the residence halls?

Via public transportation

CTA from O'Hare Airport
Blue Line—from O'Hare Airport
Fare is $5.25

To Jones Hall: Take the Loop-bound train (Forest Park), and exit the train at Washington. (Washington and Dearborn Streets). Walk one block south, and one block east to the corner of Madison and State Street. The building is located at 7 West Madison Street.

To the 162 North State Street Residences: Take the Loop-bound train (Forest Park), and exit the train at Washington. (Washington and Dearborn Streets). Walk one block north and one block east, to the corner of Randolph and State Streets. The building is located on the northwest corner.

To the Buckingham: Take the Loop-bound train (Forest Park), and exit the train at Jackson. (Jackson and Dearborn Streets). Walk one block south and two blocks east, to the corner of Van Buren and Wabash Streets. The building is located on the southeast corner.

CTA from Midway Airport
Orange Line—from Midway Airport
Fare is $2.50

To Jones Hall: Take the Loop-bound train, and exit the train at the Adams and Wabash stop. Walk one block west to the corner of Adams and State Streets, and two blocks north to Madison and State Streets. The building is located at 7 West Madison Street.

To the 162 North State Street Residences: Take the Loop-bound train, and exit the train at the State and Lake stop. Walk one block south to 162 North State Street.

To the Buckingham: Take the Loop-bound train, and exit the train at the Harold Washington stop. Walk two blocks east. The building is located on the southeast corner.

Driving Directions

To get to Downtown Chicago, or the Loop, please consult the Directions page.

The 162 North State Street Residences are located on State Street between Randolph and Lake Streets, just across from the iconic Chicago Theater and its can't-miss marquee.

Jones Hall is located on the corner of State Street and Madison Street, at 7 West Madison Street.

The Buckingham is located on the corner of Wabash Avenue and Van Buren Street, at 39 East Van Buren Street.

Where do I park the car after it has been unloaded?

There are many parking options in the Loop, but the Theater District parking garage located on Dearborn Street between Randolph Street and Lake Street is conveniently located just around the block from 162 North State Street and just two-and-a-half blocks from Jones Hall. SAIC has a partnership with this parking garage and is able to offer you a discounted parking ($18 instead of $36) ticket for Move In weekend. Buckingham residents are encouraged to park at 434 S Wabash, Chicago, IL 60605 which is $14 for up to 12 hours of parking.

Where are the public restrooms in the buildings?

In 162 North State Street Residences, there are public bathrooms on the second floor. In Jones Hall, there is a public bathroom on the 3rd floor. In the Buckingham, there is a public bathroom on the first floor.

Where are the grocery and home stores?

There are many home and grocery stores very close to the residence halls, including-

  • Mariano's | 333 E. Benton Pl.
    This is a large grocery store with many great options. Walk east (towards the lake) on Randolph Street. Turn left on Columbus Drive. Turn right on Park Drive. See 333 E Benton Place to your left.

  • Jewel-Osco | 550 N. State St. (at Grand Ave.)
    Jewel-Osco is located outside the Red Line stop at Grand Avenue. Take the Red Line north toward Howard and get off at the Grand stop. You can also walk north on State Street to Grand Avenue. It is about 3/4 of a mile.

  • Whole Foods Market | 30 W. Huron St.
    This has all your organics, locally grown, and exotic choices. Take the Red Line north toward Howard and get off at the Chicago stop. Walk south two blocks to Huron Street. Turn right and walk to 30 West Huron Street.

  • Trader Joe's | 44 E. Ontario St. 
    This is a slightly more affordable version of Whole Foods. Take the Red Line north toward Howard and get off at the Grand stop. Walk north two blocks to Ontario Street. Turn right and walk one and a half blocks east to 44 East Ontario Street.

  • Trader Joe's | 1147 S. Wabash Ave. 
    Another Trader Joe's location: Take the Red Line South toward 95th/Dan Ryan and get off at the Roosevelt stop. Turn left on Roosevelt Road and walk one block east.

  • Target | 1 S. State St. (at Madison St.)
    Located at the corner of State and Madison, this is a "city version" of the Target big-box store.

  • Target | 1154 S. Clark St. (at Roosevelt Rd.)
    This is the downtown big-box that also has groceries. Take the Red Line south toward 95th/Dan Ryan and get off at the Roosevelt stop. Turn right on Roosevelt Road and walk over the bridge. Or if you drive, there is an attached parking garage.

What information should students have when they check into the residence halls?

Students should bring a government issued photo ID to the check in desk. Move in will happen faster if students have entered their domestic cell phone and emergency contact information into SAIC PeopleSoft Self-Service and if they sign all applicable paperwork for the ARTICard and submit a photo in advance.

Submit your photo TODAY!  Click here to access the MyPhoto application.

Can I send packages to the residence hall before I arrive?

Yes, you may. You have a couple options to do this:

Service to SAIC Students: Ship-To-School!

Ship-To-School is a program offered by Collegeboxes, Inc. to help students get their items from home to school. We have worked with this company for more than ten years and they serve many schools across the nation. Ship-To-School service allows you to schedule FedEx to pick up your items at your home, ship the items for temporary storage near school, and then deliver everything to SAIC before domestic student move in so they are waiting in your room!

The process is simple: go to to register for Ship-To-School; they schedule a FedEx pick up your items from your home and ship everything to their local storage facility; then they deliver them to your room as the school year begins. Don't worry that you don't know your room assignment yet—SAIC will work with Collegeboxes to ensure they have the right room number. Students will need to contract with Collegeboxes on an individual basis—head to for more information.

If you plan on sending some belongings to the residence hall before you arrive, please attempt to have the belongings arrive as close to your move-in date as possible. Our mail storage room will not allow us to store packages for weeks at a time. If you do mail us a package, we will accept it, log it, and put it into our secure mail room. We will email the student to notify them they have a package. Students may pick up the package at the residence hall front desk (4th floor in 162 N State Street Residences or 3rd floor in Jones Hall ) by presenting their student ID to be checked against our package log. Please see information about the mailing address below.

Please note: The residence halls will receive 100+ packages a day during the week prior to and the two weeks after move in. We will do our best to process these packages and disperse them to residents in a timely manner. We ask for your patience during this time. Please consider this information as you order supplies that have time sensitive deliveries.

What is the mailing address?

Addresses for each residence hall can be found below. We encourage students and families to include the student's room number in the address in order to ensure successful delivery of mail. In addition, students who have a preferred name or multiple names that mail is sent to should inform the residence hall desk about possible names their mail could be sent to. 

162 North State Street Residences
Student Name
162 N State St. Residences
162 N. State St., Room Number
Chicago, IL 60601

Jones Hall
Student Name
Jones Hall
7 W. Madison St., Room Number
Chicago, IL 60602

The Buckingham
Student Name
The Buckingham
59 E. Van Buren St., Apartment Number
Chicago, IL 60605