On-campus Housing

Why live on campus at SAIC?



Every residence hall is just minutes away from all academic buildings and close to almost all of the major cultural attractions of the city. Residents can find quick and easy transportation to virtually any spot in the city, as our residence halls are steps away from a stop for most CTA train lines. With the recent expansion in condominiums in downtown Chicago, the comforts of neighborhood living can be found downtown from the grocery stores to the coffee shops.

Community of Artists

More than 80 percent of our first-year students choose to live in the residence hall as they begin their experience at SAIC. There is a tremendous amount of energy in a community of over 900 artists, both new and returning. New students often find that the residence hall environment is the best way to get to know each other and explore the opportunities at SAIC as living in the residence hall gives them a chance to interact with other students in an informal setting. Residence Life staff also plans many activities and programs to foster a sense of community and to help students get to know each other, the city, and SAIC. Some of these programs include faculty/student dinners, informal critiques, gallery tours, shows in our residence hall gallery space, trips to jazz shows and much more.

Apartment-style Rooms

Our rooms are designed to feel like downtown loft apartments with high ceilings, track lighting, and large "Chicago Style" windows that offer expansive views of downtown Chicago. All rooms are equipped to meet your technology needs with wireless Internet, a cable connection, and a high-speed internet port. Additionally, each room has a kitchenette with a full size refrigerator, a two-burner stovetop, microwave, and ample storage space. Finally, each room includes a private bathroom, and each student has a private closet for belongings.

Facilities for Your Work

Jones Hall and the 162 North State Street Residence Hall at SAIC were designed with the artist lifestyle in mind, whether your needs are shooting and editing digital video, painting in the studio, or working on a garment. Residence hall common areas in these two buildings include 24-hour spaces such as a spray room, painting studios, media room, computer lounge, a clean (no wet media) studio, a solarium, as well as common spaces to study for exams, have informal critiques, or just hang out with friends. Any student who lives on campus has access to these resources in our residence halls.


Anytime you move somewhere new, it is important to feel like your living space is secure. SAIC has controlled access into the buildings, and 24-hour security staff in each facility. Additionally, all security staff complete periodic rounds of the building to promote the safety of the buildings.