Understanding Your Grades

Credit/No Credit Grading System

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) has a Credit/No Credit (CR/NCR) grading system. In most classes, if you received the equivalent of a "C" or higher, you will receive Credit (CR) for that class. Be sure to check your syllabus and talk to your faculty members to make sure you understand what equates to Credit for any given class. If your performance in a class does not meet the standards spelled out in the syllabus, you may receive No Credit (NCR).

Academic Standing

Though it is true that SAIC does not have a GPA system, you receive credit hours that indicate positive performance. Academic standing is based on passing two-thirds of your classes each semester as well as passing all first year required courses. For more info: 

If you need information about your academic progress or verification of enrollment sent to an insurance or scholarship company, connect with the Office of Registration and Records.


A "W" on your transcript notes a voluntary Withdrawal. If you need to leave a class past the end of Add/Drop, this is the grade you will get. You should talk to your advisor about withdrawing before doing it.


On rare occasions (usually involving extenuating circumstances), some faculty members may agree to give a student a grade of Incomplete (INC), which provides extra time to finish work that will complete class requirements. Talk to you academic advisor if you feel you want to request an INC for a class, and they can give you more information on how to ask for one.