Locker Registration

Degree-program Students and Students-at-large

All students, staff, and faculty are eligible to register for one SAIC locker, which must be registered online through SAIC Self-Service. Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis and must be registered before placing a lock on the locker. 

Please refer to the Locker Registration Policy‌ [PDF] for additional information.

To register for a locker, follow the instructions in order:


  • Log in to SAIC Self-Service, under the Current Students Dashboard
  • Choose "Other Services"
  • Choose "Student Locker"
  • Click "Add a Locker", select Building, Floor and Locker number (use the magnifying glass icon to see the available options)
  • Put a lock on your Registered Locker


  • Log in to SAIC Self-Service through the Faculty Dashboard or Staff Dashboard
  • Go to Student Center page
  • Under the Personal Information section, click on Locker Registration
  • Click Add Locker
  • Select the Building, Floor and Locker Number (use the magnifying glass icon to see the available options)
  • Agree to the Locker Registration Policy and click Save
  • Put a lock on your Registered Locker

Registered lockers must have a lock placed on them by the end of Add/Drop for the fall and spring semesters. Lockers are checked for valid registration after those dates.

  • If an unregistered locker is found locked, the lock will be cut and the contents disposed of.
  • If a registered locker does not have a lock it will be released and made available to others.

All lockers are automatically unregistered twice during the year: once after the end of the Spring term, and again at the end of the summer term. When this occurs, all remaining locks are cut. Contents of the lockers are disposed of at that time. The Locker Clean Out dates will be sent through SAIC email and posted throughout campus.

"Faculty Locker" or "Do Not Cut" signs will not be honored at any time.

Non-degree Students and special requests

Non-degree Students and those with special requests (i.e., eligible for more than one locker) register lockers through the Office of Student Affairs.

Contact the Office of Student Affairs at 312.629.6800 or with their ID number, building, floor and locker number/s to register. 


Contact the Office of Student Affairs at 312.629.6800 or