Media Resources

Media & Instructional Resources supports SAIC's creative community by providing access to technology and materials, producing high-end media projects, facilitating student radio and television, and offering workshops and training to the entire community.

Media Centers

The Media Center ensures that members of the SAIC community have access to basic media equipment and services. Visit our Media Center website for information on equipment loans, manuals and guides, classroom technology, production and post facilities, resale and specialized materials, and workshops and training.

Academic Media Production

The Academic Media Production (AMP) is a small production office composed of student workers overseen by a full time staff mentor. The mission of the AMP is to produce high quality media projects while giving students the opportunity to work in a professional media production environment. All projects are produced by students. We concentrate in media projects that enrich, contribute to, and expand SAIC’s Academic Mission. To submit a media project proposal, please fill out the. AMP Proposal Request Form.

Student Engagement and Opportunities

We facilitate SAIC's student-run radio station, Free Radio SAIC, and student-run ExTV (Experimental TV). We offer hands-on training on various types of media production resources and processes through the Media Centers and Photography facilities.

Additionally, Media and Instructional Resources offers many Work-Study positions for students.

Workshops and Training

Learn the basics of a variety of media production equipment and digital authoring software accessible in the Media Centers. Our experienced trainers provide helpful feedback on works in progress, techniques, and insights only experienced users could offer. Visit our Media Center Workshops and Training page for more information.

Campus AV

We support faculty teaching in smart classrooms, students presenting in spaces, and programs in our campus event venues. Visit our Classroom Training Materials web page for a detailed walk-through on how to use the classroom technology.

Material Source

Commonly utilized and specialty materials not found easily downtown (wood, metal, clay, etc.) are sold from Material Source centers and vending machines that operate in tandem to fabrication facilities.

Please contact Materials Source staff ( in advance if you need to order large quantities. ARTICard is the only accepted form of payment.