Panopto is a video platform for the SAIC community. Users can search for any spoken or displayed word throughout the video library, and fast forward to that precise moment in one click. Panopto contains hundreds of special lectures, artist videos, interviews, and archival footage from collections such as Visiting Artists Program, Video Data Bank, Flaxman Library, Mitchell Lecture Series, and Conversations on Art and Science.

How Do I Access Panopto?

Panopto protects SAIC’s educational content behind a login. You can access Panopto’s library by using your Canvas account through the Sign In button in the top right corner of Panopto’s home page. After signing in, you can view collections by selecting Browse in the left menu, and then selecting All Videos.

Collections in Panopto



What can students do in Panopto? Students can view and search within the library of available videos. Depending on the instructor and class, students can also see videos related to their courses within Canvas.

What can instructors do in Panopto? Instructors can embed videos from the Panopto library into their Canvas course discussions or assignments. Instructors can also upload new videos for students in a specific course, or create new videos from a webcam, attached AV equipment, screen capture, or a tiled combination of the aforementioned options.

As an instructor, how do I use Panopto with Canvas? Select Course Videos in the sidebar navigation within Canvas to access your course folder in Panopto where you can upload content. Alternatively, you can embed videos that already exist in Panopto directly in your assignments or discussions using the V-shaped “More External Tools” button in the WYSIWYG editor.

How do I know if my videos are viewable to the general public? The simplest way is to open a private or incognito window in your browser and open the URL of the folder or video in question. Access settings can be changed on the “Share” menu for both folders and videos. “Anyone at Your Organization” is the most common value, and requires a login. Contact if you have questions concerning access permissioning.

How can I get my department's video collection into Panopto? Contact

Is closed captioning available? Contact

Can I bookmark videos within Panopto? While viewing a video, click Bookmarks on the left bar and enter text describing the bookmark. The bookmark will be accessible under “Bookmarked” in the left sidebar menu on the homepage and in the library view.