Course Evaluations for Students

Log in using the short version* of your username at and click on the heading labelled Student Reporting near the top:

The easiest and quickest method to finding specific results is:

  1. First select Academic from the upper-left drop-down menu (labelled Select Area). This will ensure you are searching through all possible results:

  1. Next select the desired Term from the drop-down on the right (labelled All Terms). Choosing a term cuts down on the time it takes to run your search. Here, Fall 2014 is selected:

  1. Now you can select a course from the drop-down labelled All Courses or search by instructor using the menu labelled All Instructors. Use the uncheck all box (circled in red below) at the top of the column to uncheck all items in the list, then recheck only those items you are interested in seeing:


Once you have checked the boxes next to your selections, be sure to click the Apply Filter link at the bottom of the list as shown here circled in red:


Finally, click the Search button and click on the course title in the list of courses to download a PDF of your course evaluation results.


* Your short username is the first initial of your first name followed by the first five letters of your last name. There can be up to 6 letters in your short username, and some users will also have a number following their username. Confirm that you know your short username before logging in. Example: user Bartholomew Cubbins short username is bcubbi