Course Evaluations for Department Heads

Log in using the short version* of your username at and click the term you wish to view (ie “2014 Summer 6W2”):

On the next screen, to review results for a specific instructor, click the Instructors tab:

Enter the instructor’s name in the text field and click Search. Click the View link for the instructor, then select PDF+Comments from the pop-up menu:

A PDF report of the results you selected is downloaded to your computer.

NOTE: If you aren't seeing these options, be sure you have selected Administrator from the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the Dashboard page:

* Your short username is the first initial of your first name followed by the first five letters of your last name. There can be up to 6 letters in your short username, and some users will also have a number following their username. Confirm that you know your short username before logging in. Example: user Bartholomew Cubbins short username is bcubbi