How frequently and when will online classes meet?

You’ll meet in the virtual classroom as a group daily for demonstrations, lectures, studio sessions and critiques. You’ll join workshop sessions, visiting artist lectures, and have time for other activities such as portfolio reviews. In addition to the set meeting times, there will be assignments you will complete on your own schedule and a virtual library of learning modules for self-directed assignments and research. You will have at least two scheduled one-on-one advising meetings with your faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants for input and feedback on work, but they will be readily available to assist outside of these times as well. 

Will the online class times differ if I am an international student who lives outside of the US?

We will work hard to make sure our courses work with your time zone. If you have a question about your location, please contact us at ecp@saic.edu!

Who will be teaching these classes?

All faculty are practicing artists who bring their real world experience into the classroom to help you develop a more meaningful art-making practice. Many of these faculty also teach in the undergraduate degree program at SAIC. 

Will faculty help me schedule my independent studio time?

Faculty will work with each student individually and will help you come up with an in-depth plan to ensure that you are using your studio time wisely and will be readily available to assist you when you need help.

Do I need a laptop computer? 

All students are required to have their own cell phone, tablet, or computer in order to participate in this program. If you are enrolled in Animation and Video Projects, 2D Animation, Visual Communication Design or Design Projects, you will need a computer that can support Adobe Creative Cloud. Microsoft Windows 10; Mac OS X v10.12 and later. 

Will I be receiving college credit?

Juniors and Seniors, ages 15 to 18, enrolled in an ECPOSI course will be eligible to receive college credit upon successful completion. This credit may be applied towards an undergraduate degree at most colleges or universities. 

Students enrolled for credit are expected to attend all classes at the scheduled time, arrive prepared, and successfully complete all homework and assignments.

Will I be making artwork?

These are studio classes and you will be actively making artwork. You will participate in demos, lectures, critiques, and presentations from visiting artists — all with the intention of making portfolio quality work for college admissions. Prepare to walk away with artwork that you can use as part of a competitive merit scholarship portfolio.  

Will the program prepare me for college applications?

The focus of these courses is to develop portfolio ready work. This means developing cohesive and meaningful artwork that is true to who YOU are as an artist and designer. We will also be connecting you with SAIC Admissions through the course for portfolio reviews and admissions advice. Through the course you will have a direct line to your admissions counselor at SAIC, who is an invaluable resource throughout the application process. 

Is there any tuition assistance available?

Financial assistance is available in the form of need-based aid and merit scholarships. Need-based aid is available to US residents only. All students may apply for merit scholarships Learn more about how to apply for tuition assistance.

Can Early College Program Online Summer Institute courses be audited/taken for non-credit?

We require that you are enrolled for college credit. You can enroll in multiple sessions if you would like to earn more than one college credit.

How large are Early College Program Online Summer Institute classes?

All courses have 14 or less students per class providing you with a phenomenal teacher-to-student ratio.

Will there be a final exhibition?

Student work will be displayed in an online exhibition format so that it can be shared with the widest possible audience. 

Will I be able to have my portfolio review by an admissions counselor?

Yes, during the program you will meet individually with an admissions counselor to discuss your artwork and learn more about SAIC’s undergraduate curriculum.