Instructional Fabrication


From bedazzlers to sewing machines, from traditional wood/metalworking to CNC milling, the SAIC Instructional Shops are facilities that have the resources to help you realize your projects. The shops are equipped with a wide range of hand, power, and stationary tools. Staff are available to guide you forward, whether you need project consultation, assistance developing your project, or to simply checkout tools.

Certifications and Workshops

To begin working in the shops, you will first attend a basic certification. These training sessions will familiarize you with basic operating and safety protocols in the facility. Additionally, we offer workshops and specialized equipment certifications throughout the semester to develop your familiarity with machines, materials, and processes.

Getting Ready

Once you have completed your authorization, you are ready to work. Bring your ID, and come dressed appropriately. Closed-toe shoes are required. Heels, sandals, platforms, crocs, or any shoe where we can see parts of your feet are prohibited. Safety glasses must be worn at all times in the shop—please check a pair out when you arrive.

Tool Checkout

Hand tools are available for daytime and overnight checkout. Please support your community of makers and return tools on time—fines accrue if tools are returned late to incentivize good shop citizenship.

Material Source

Commonly utilized and specialty materials not found easily downtown (wood, metal, clay, etc.) are sold from Material Source centers and vending machines that operate in tandem to the shops. Please contact Material Source Staff ( in advance if you need to order large quantities. ARTICard is the only accepted form of payment. 


visit our Instructional Fabrication Canvas resource page for much more informtion on resources and services we offer