Undergraduate Overview

As a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) student studying in the Ceramics department, you will develop close relationships with the department faculty who will guide your explorations and offer insight and inspiration to your artistic practice. Faculty are themselves working artists whose work appears in exhibitions, galleries, and museums around the world.


The undergraduate offerings provide unique conceptual and technical courses in the following areas:

  • Beginning pottery courses: students develop skills in throwing, learn the complexities of glazing and firing, and develop a vocabulary in vessel aesthetics.
  • Sculpture courses: students explore clay's potential in its many forms—fired, unfired, ready-made, plastic, or powder.
  • Multilevel courses: offered in vessels, sculpture, and theory. These courses vary in content each semester as the faculty changes.

As a student, you will have access to:

  • Senior studios (application required)
  • Fully equipped mold-making and casting facility
  • Free bulk materials

The city of Chicago is a major resource for ceramics students, with its rich terra cotta architectural heritage, the Art Institute of Chicago ceramics and glass collections, as well as galleries that show ceramic sculpture and pottery exclusively are also significant.