A gallery view of Yoonshin Park's exhibition In Lieu Of

A gallery view of Yoonshin Park's exhibition In Lieu Of at the Zolla Lieberman Gallery. 

February 2024: Faculty and Staff Accomplishments

Professor, Adj. Eileen Favorite published “Feminism, Jewish Identity, and the Body: An Interview with S.L. Wisenberg” with Hypertext magazine.

Assistant Professor Salvador Jiménez-Flores’s solo exhibition, Arte-Sano: Soy libre porque pienso, is open at Belger Crane Yard Studios in Kansas City, Missouri. His solo exhibition at Chicago’s National Museum of Mexican Art, eagle, serpiente, nopalli, was reviewed by Newcity.

Associate Professor, Adj. Andrew Lindsay was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best American Roots Song. He co-wrote and co-produced Allison Russell’s album The Returner, which was nominated for four Grammy Awards.

Visiting Assistant Professor Donato Loia published the article “Joseph Masheck’s Faith in Art: Religion, Aesthetics, and Early Abstraction” in The Brooklyn Rail.

Professor James McManus taught the Ted-Ed Animations lesson “The history of poker: Bluffing, betting, and busting.”

Lecturer Cody Norman is one of the featured artists in the exhibition Idea House 3 at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which runs through June 12.

Lecturer Yoonshin Park presents ongoing work from the Tied series in her second solo exhibition, In Lieu Of, at the Zolla Lieberman Gallery, on view through February 24.

Professor, Adj. Charles Pipal has been named to the Illinois Historic Sites Advisory Council, which considers nominations to the National Register of Historic Places. His Historic Preservation students were also awarded first place for the 2023 Holland Prize, a national competition which recognizes the best single sheet drawing for inclusion into the United States Library of Congress’s Historic American Buildings Survey Collection.

Professor David Raskin presented on Marc Chagall's crucifixion paintings at the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, Kentucky and wrote a Chicago Tribune op-ed on the same subject.

Assistant Professor Anna Martine Whitehead’s libretto FORCE! An Opera in Three Acts will be performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in March.