Art Education

We are a community of artists, educators, organizers, designers, curators, teachers, administrators, archivists and activists. We are engaged in the ongoing work of bringing into being, cultivating, restoring and sustaining cultures of joy, justice, care and critical generosity.

Join us for SAIC Day

Tuesday, October 27, 7:00 p.m. (CT)

Join us to learn more about our unique curriculum and what it means to be "interdisciplinary." Faculty will share their insights and more on the critique and studio environment of SAIC, and we'll also go over what your first year will look like, including your art history options, seminar topics, and studio electives.

Graduate Portfolio Day: Oct. 31

11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (CT)
Meet with Us

Meet one-on-one with SAIC grad faculty, get feedback on your portfolio, and learn more about the curricula, faculty, and application procedures from a number of colleges.

Students come to the SAIC Art Education Department to gain the knowledge, skills and resources they need to manifest their deeply felt vocations as artists and educators, to enhance their own creative potentials and to collaboratively build resilient, creative, democratic communities.

The SAIC Art Education programs are uniquely situated within the vital and diverse cultural and artistic communities of Chicago, providing a wealth of experiences and opportunities for mentorship in museums, schools, and community settings.

SAIC Art Education offers three degree programs:

1. Master of Arts in Art Education (MAAE): The MAAE leads to art education careers in museums, community settings, art organizations, and socially engaged arts practices.

2. Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT): The MAT leads to art education careers, including licensure to teach Visual Arts K-12 in Illinois public schools.

3. Bachelor of Fine Arts with Emphasis in Art Education (BFAAE): The BFAAE leads to art education careers, including licensure to teach Visual Arts K-12 in Illinois public schools.

Courses for Studio Majors and Students Enrolled in Other Programs

Graduate and undergraduate Studio majors and students in other programs are welcome to take selected Art Education courses that intertwine artmaking, socially engaged pedagogical practices, and teaching skills to support working as an artist educator or teaching artist. See the Art Education Courses page for a complete list.

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