Undergraduate Overview

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You don't have to choose between Art and Education at SAIC. We believe great artists make great teachers

The interdisciplinary BFA curriculum for undergraduates at SAIC encourages students to prepare for life as boundary-crossing 21st century artists. While completing an undergraduate Art degree, students can also become boundary-crossing 21st century teachers.

Students join the BFAAE program—Bachelor of Fine Arts with Emphasis in Art Education—in Junior year, continuing their coursework in developing their artistic practices and taking courses, through which they develop teaching practices based in contemporary artmaking. BFAAE students graduate with the skills (and license) to teach art, design, and new media in public schools and other settings.  

The faculty of SAIC Art Education are nationally and internationally known artists and scholars whose own work models a commitment to new forms of art education in which students and teachers creatively and critically investigate today’s issues and make art and culture that is meaningful and transformative for themselves and their communities.


Art Education Courses for Studio Majors and Students Enrolled in Other Programs

Students pursuing BFA degrees in other areas also take SAIC Art Education courses to support their work as emerging artists who are interested in community arts practices, socially engaged art, and working as teaching artists in schools or museums.

Courses include:

  • Art and Design as a Social Force: Collaboration
  • Cultural Approaches to Production
  • Art in the Community

See the Art Education Courses page for a complete list of Art Education courses.


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