The Service Bureau is SAIC’s on-campus professional digital output center, specializing in laser printing and museum-quality archival large format inkjet printing. The Service Bureau also produces in-house book binding, vinyl cutting, CD/DVD thermal printing and duplication, as well as button making. A variety of materials are available to print on, including photographic and printmaking papers, canvas, and more.

The facility is equipped with a wide range of printers, including:

We also provide four self-service printing workstations with color calibrated Eizo monitors connected to three different printers:

The Service Bureau is also SAIC’s photocopying hub. All specialty and high volume orders of 50 copies or more may be made here instead of departmental and library copiers. The Service Bureau carries cardstock, transparencies, vellum, and more than 20 paper colors. We also provide services such as perfect binding, spiral binding, saddle stitching, and a multitude of other specialized services.

The Service Bureau's services are available to SAIC students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Interested classes and individuals may schedule facility tours and can attend printing demonstrations to learn more about printing-related issues, including resolution, color management, file management, print longevity, paper types, etc. Bureau staff members are happy to help with individual questions regarding printers and applications as they arise.