Office of Engagement

The Office of Engagement (OoE) identifies, attracts, manages, and promotes partnerships. We champion SAIC’s core values at a national level and participate in international forums of scholarly exchange and exhibition. OoE also represents SAIC in the collaboration and negotiation of our corporate research classes, and never forgets that we are deeply rooted in Chicago. OoE’s symbiotic relationship with the city manifests in the classes we teach, the projects we produce, and the partnerships we maintain. We concentrate our Chicago efforts on the City’s West Side in the North Lawndale community, where we work with local organizations, communities, schools, and nonprofits to develop arts programming.
Our staff are citizen artists, designers, and activists, creating new ways for SAIC to meaningfully collaborate with Chicago and the world. Our major initiatives—Continuing Studies, SAIC at Homan Square, and Engagement Projects—are collaborative efforts whose results are greater than the sum of their parts.

Continuing Studies

Continuing Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) provides the highest quality educational opportunities in art and design through courses tailored exclusively for adults, including teachers, high school students in grades nine through 12, middle school students ages 10–13, and children ages four to nine. Our goal is to nurture and support life-long learning and the development of creative thought and practice in students of all ages. At SAIC we believe that having confidence in one's creative abilities plays a critical role in successfully meeting the unique challenges of today's world.

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Aerial View of Homan Square

Homan Square

SAIC at Homan Square is a community of dedicated North Lawndale residents and artists, along with artists and scholars from SAIC, who engage audiences and communities in collaborative processes to identify issues, promote public discourse, and catalyze social change within specific institutions, neighborhoods, and other public contexts. It is a platform to share, support, and amplify what is already there by adding resources and bringing in others.

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Civic Engagement Projects

Civic Engagement Projects at SAIC are deeply rooted in our core values. They are made manifest through deep collaboration with communities; together we address local issues while connecting them to a national dialogue and introducing the outcomes on a global stage. 

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CB2 chair

Corporate Sponsored Classes

For Corporate Sponsored Classes: SAIC looks for collaborations with corporations who value creative thinking and critical inquiry. Past projects have included research and development, prototyping, and development of innovative product lines. 

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