Life After SAIC

You have a 60-day grace period following the completion of your degree program or Optional Practical Training (OPT) to depart the United States. If you plan to start another degree program within five months, please contact International Affairs to process a transfer of your SEVIS record.

Stay in Touch with SAIC

As a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), we encourage you connect to with the alumni community to learn about upcoming events in your area and updates about what is happening at SAIC and the museum. More information can be found on the Alumni Page.

Report OPT Employment

F-1 students participating in OPT must report their employment to SEVP. Students must report employer information and employment start and end dates. Updates can be made directly to the online via the SEVP Portal. Changes and updates must be made within 10 days in order to maintain your immigration status. Contact International Affairs Office with any questions.

Request a Document

Academic records, such as transcripts or enrollment verification can be requested directly from Registration and Records. Please visit the Registration and Records page to view the four different ways to request transcripts.

It is your own responsibility to retain your immigration documents during and after your time at SAIC. SAIC will make efforts to provide you with copies, if requested, however we make no guarantee that what you are requesting has been archived nor that we can produce a copy as quickly as you might need it. Requests for immigration document copies must be made in writing via email to and must include your full legal name, SAIC ID number, the document you are requesting, and date needed. Please note that documents typically take a minimum of four weeks to retrieve from archives. Expedited requests are not possible.

H-1B and CAP GAP Employment

If you have been sponsored for an H-1B Temporary Worker Visa, International Affairs may need to issue you a new I-20. This I-20 will reflect a USCIS-approved CAP GAP, allowing work authorization between your OPT end date and the beginning of your H-1B. Contact International Affairs if you have any questions.