Financial Resources

We invite you to explore the range of resources offered on this website, and if you have any questions, contact Student Financial Services at 312.629.6600. Below are some additional helpful resources:

Tuition and Payment

SAIC's tuition is charged at a per-credit-hour rate. Graduate and undergraduate tuition and fees for each semester must be paid by the first day of classes for that semester. Extended payment plans can be arranged with the Student Financial Services office.

An outline of tuition and fees can be found here. For payment information visit the payment information section.

Scholarship and Loan Opportunities

We recognize that the cost of a US education can be very expensive. The best source for financial assistance for international students is often in their home country. Since the US government does not provide funding for foreign nationals to study in the United States, students should make every effort to identify potential funding sources (national, provincial, or private) in their home country. Most grants, scholarships, and loans from public and private sources in the United States are restricted to US citizens or permanent residents, limiting the amount of information international students can find about financial aid from US sources. Scholarships may be an option, and we suggest using the Internet as a means to research them. presents considerable information about financial aid for international students.

SAIC staff members have researched and compiled a list of Funding and Financial Resources [PDF] for which you may qualify. This information was gathered by conducting a scholarship search through one or more of the online scholarship searches pages, as well as information received by SAIC from organizations offering scholarships. It is not limited to organizations through which SAIC students have received funding.

Students interested in applying for loans should first consider borrowing from a bank in their home country. Those planning to apply for loans in the United States will find that most loan agencies require a co-signer who is a US citizen or a permanent resident. Loan applications should be submitted to Student Financial Services with any and all necessary support documentation including a copy of the passport and immigration documents.